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Where to find Monarch Intel in Warzone Season 3’s new Operation Monarch event

Published: 12/May/2022 7:30 Updated: 12/May/2022 4:17

by Brad Norton


Operation Monarch is now live in Warzone Season 3 as Godzilla and Kong have arrived on Caldera. As part of the new LTM, your job is to collect as much Monarch Intel as possible so here’s how it works and how you can boost your intel gains.

After weeks of anticipations, Warzone’s Operation Monarch event is finally live. This means an all-new limited-time mode (LTM) is now accessible as players drop into a version of Caldera that features both Godzilla and Kong.

As the two monsters lay waste to the island, your job is simple. Outlast every other squad, no different from a regular game of Warzone.


Though this time around, the rules of engagement are a little different. With Monarch Intel, you can gain a huge advantage in the blink of an eye and we’ve got a full breakdown below to help explain the new feature.

Warzone Operation Monarch event gameplay
Monarch Intel is essential to your success in Warzone’s new Operation Monarch LTM.

What is Monarch Intel in new Warzone Operation Monarch LTM?

As you play through a match in the Operation Monarch LTM, you’ll notice a special intel meter on your HUD. This intel meter is crucial to your success not only in individual games, but the entire event as you look to progress various challenges.

Monarch Intel is required to fill this intel meter and it serves a number of unique purposes. First, this intel can be cashed in to acquire everything from devastating loadouts to killstreaks.


It’s also how you’ll get your hands on the new S.C.R.E.A.M. Device killstreak exclusive to the Operation Monarch LTM. If you want to call upon Godzilla or Kong to reign down destruction on your enemies, you’ll need to gather as much Monarch Intel as possible.

Where to find Monarch Intel in Warzone Operation Monarch LTM

Your special intel meter should be filling up nicely by playing Warzone how you normally would in any standard game mode.

Warzone Operation Monarch event gameplay
Monarch Intel is spread across Caldera so be sure to travel the map, rather than sticking in one POI for the full game.

Whether it’s opening Supply Boxes, looting special drops around Caldera, or scavenging enemy bodies, you’ll be coming across plenty of Monarch Intel as each game plays out.


Be sure to push the pace, constantly move from POI to POI, and hunt down as many team fights as possible in order to boost your Monarch Intel gains in the new LTM.