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Nuclear Warzone Season 4 easter egg spotted inside Bunker 10

Published: 12/Jun/2020 8:30

by Brad Norton


Infinity Ward has long been teasing an explosive shake up the state of Warzone. With the major Season 4 update on June 10,  players may have been given their first look at what’s coming next.

Subtle teasers have been appearing throughout Warzone for a number of weeks. Numerous Bunkers have been opened across the map, explosive devices have been discovered, and new characters have been brought into the battle royale’s ongoing narrative.

It’s too early to predict just how these teasers will all come together. Though a cataclysmic event could be right around the corner, one that pushes players to a new map altogether. A brand new teaser has been spotted on June 11, here’s the full rundown.


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While Bunkers were accessible prior to the new seasonal update, venturing back inside is well worth your time. Not only is there a devastating minigun to equip, but new easter eggs have been uncovered as well.

Exploring Bunker 10 in the latest version of Warzone, Twitch streamer ‘DougDagnabbit’ noticed something new: An enormous nuclear missile.

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There’s a massive Nuclear rocket inside of Bunker 10 that has been added with season 4 from CODWarzone

Piloting their drone through the Bunker, they spotted the usual suspects of floor loot and locked doors. Without actually stepping foot through one door in particular, the drone was able to scout out a giant nuclear rocket on the other side.


Players are barely able to see just a fraction of the full missile through the window in the bunker. That’s how large it truly is. Storyline theories immediately began to sprout as the Call of Duty community questioned how the massive explosive could come into play.

One common theory suggests that the nuke will impact the Dam and drench all of Verdansk, forcing a subsequent relocation to an all-new Warzone map. 

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Infinity Ward
Bunkers might continue to surprise as Season 4 progresses.

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Perhaps the nuke will be involved in a dramatic mid-season shakeup, or maybe the community will have to wait until Season 5.

The current season is expected to last for over 50 days, meaning that teasers could continue for a number of weeks before a big bang. Keep your eyes peeled as there are likely plenty of secrets still left to discover in Season 4.