6 most underrated weapons in Call of Duty Warzone


Warzone’s loadout drops offer players plenty of choices when it comes to picking their favorite guns, but what are the most underrated weapons in Warzone? 

As with any battle royale game, a few weapons have quickly risen to the top of most Warzone players’ lists. Both the AMAX and Krig 6 are currently dominating the best Assault Rifle picks, while the MAC-10 and MP5 rule the SMG class.

These weapons may dominate the current Warzone meta in Season 3, but there are a number of criminally underrated guns that can still deliver a game-winning victory if you’re willing to overcome their shortcomings.

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AS-VAL loadoutActivision
The AS-VAL performs more like an SMG than an AR.

While other Assault Rifles like the FFAR and  FARA offer incredibly high rates of fire, the same can be said for the AS VAL. Its gunplay is very similar to that of an SMG and while it may not deal as much damage at range, it does absolutely melt opponents in close-range firefights.

If you prefer to aggressively rush your foes over the more methodical AR playstyle, then the AS VAL is a great choice that can net you plenty of kills. Consider pairing this AR with the Kar98k or AMAX to help with any ranged shots.

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5. SA87

SA87 WarzoneActivision
The SA87 is a great pick for those that enjoy LMGs in Warzone.

While LMGs have often failed to make a huge impact in Warzone, the SA87 delivers great accuracy and damage, especially when you’ve kitted it out with the right attachments. Call of Duty content creator, JGOD also revealed that the SA87 is one of his top picks for Warzone Season 3.

Despite this, the Modern Warfare LMG is still highly underrated in Warzone. In fact, many players simply stick to the current meta AR loadouts. While the SA87 lacks the mobility of Warzone’s meta guns, it is an absolute beast in mid to long-range firefights. Simply hold down the trigger and let the bullets fly.

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4. Oden

oden warzone Activision
The Oden is perfect for ranged decimation in Warzone.

Now, this gun is certainly not for everyone. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see this AR featured at the bottom of many Warzone weapon tier lists. However, if you can master its vertical recoil pattern and deal with its methodical fire rate, you’ll have a gun that can down fully armored opponents in just a few shots.

The damage per bullet is absolutely through the roof and if you manage to land any headshots, then your foes will be hitting the ground quicker than the Oden’s reload animation. Make sure you utilize both the Colossus Suppressor and Oden Factory 810mm barrel as both these attachments turn the Oden into a beast at range.

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3. MP7

MP7 Warzone Activision
The MP7 delivers incredibly accurate hipfire.

Modern Warfare’s MP7 is one the most underrated weapons on this list. The Monolithic Suppressor, FSS Recon barrel, and the gun’s 60 Round Mags make this a pretty potent SMG.

While the MP5 and MAC-10 currently rule the close-range meta, many players often neglect how lethal the MP7 can be. The gun’s hipfire is particularly potent thanks to the Tac Laser, which allows players to remain accurate without aiming down sights.

2. Stoner 63

Stoner 63 Black Ops Cold WarActivision / Treyarch
The Stoner 63 is capable of rivaling the Bruen and PKM loadouts.

LMGs in Warzone can be hit or miss depending on the situation. If players are willing to pre-aim and kit them out for damage range, then they can be top-tier. However, their handling and mobility is often detrimental to their viability in Warzone.

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While not as fast as an Assault Rifle, the Stoner 63’s damage and accuracy make it an incredible weapon in mid-range fights. Pair this with large magazines and a surprisingly manageable recoil pattern, and the Stoner 63 is one LMG you’ll want to try out.

1. RAM-7

RAM-7 loadoutActivision
The RAM-7 is a great mid-range AR option.

The RAM-7’s versatility is perhaps its strongest trait. It can outclass an SMG at longer ranges and ARs at close range. This versatility means you can easily run a Sniper Rifle as your second weapon, which enables it to fit into most Warzone loadouts.

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We’d recommend attachments that buff its damage range, to keep you competitive in scenarios where distance shooting is required. It might not be a game-changer, but it can certainly hold its own against most weapons in Warzone.

There you have it, six of the most underrated weapons in Warzone. Make sure you check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest news and updates.