Warzone Season 4 trailer teases new map in Urzikstan

Infinity Ward

Warzone’s Season 4 intro trailer might have hinted towards a new map release coming soon to the battle royale, potentially taking the fight to the fictional Urzikstan.

The fourth season of Modern Warfare and Warzone has finally arrived and brought many new changes including new weapons and the addition of Captain Price as an Operator.

Although there were no major map changes added to Warzone in the update, Infinity Ward may have teased an entirely new map in the Season’s intro cutscene.

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Infinity Ward
Captain Price was added alongside many other Warzone changes in Season 4.

Players loading into Warzone were greeted with a short cinematic clip after the update, which tied in Captain Price’s arrival with some of the campaign’s storyline.

However, there was a brief moment in the trailer where Urzikstan was seen on a map near Verdansk.

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While Urzikstan has been featured in Modern Warfare’s campaign mode already, some CoD fans have suggested that it could be a teaser for a new battle royale map down the line.

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Teaser is at 0:38

During the cutscene itself, Captain Price highlighted that there is still more work to be done in Verdansk, as players continue to unravel the mysteries behind the secret bunkers in-game.

“Intel says there’s still a hidden world here and plans to use it,” he added, claiming that Victor Zakhaev, a classic CoD 4 character could be up to something in Verdansk as part of the ongoing storyline.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players have suggested Urzikstan might be the next location for a map.

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While it might take a while for a potential map to be released, the location marked near Verdansk seems to offer a wide variety of terrain, making it perfect for a new arena in Warzone.

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This is not the first time that there has been mention of a new map possibly coming to Warzone, as there was a leaked video found, similar to the clip in the trailer, highlighting the Urzikstan location.

Urzikstan features in the Modern Warfare campaign prominently, as the home nation of freedom fighters Farah and Hadir.

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