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All Warzone bunker locations and where to find phones & computers

Published: 20/May/2020 15:19 Updated: 8/Jan/2021 13:40

by Andy Williams


Wondering where your nearest bunker location is? Fear not, here’s every bunker location in Verdansk, along with all of the phone and computer spots for all your easter egg needs!

The integration of Black Ops Cold War into Warzone brought a host of new content and features to the game. One of which was a brand new bunker added to the Verdansk map that requires no key to access. This makes it a little different from the other 12 locked bunkers scattered across the map.

With so many new POIs dotted around Verdansk, it’s hard to keep track of where every location is. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with all bunker, phone, and computer locations.

Player fighting in Warzone.
Not just on the ground: Bunkers are full to the brim with goodies and are a loot goblin’s paradise.

There are 13 bunkers in various locations around Verdansk, with 11 of those opened in the traditional manner (with a Red Access keycard). Within each bunker, there is a wealth of loot available for you and your teammates.

Each bunker houses enough loot to get a four-man squad completely kitted out, with Legendary Supply Boxes, Epic weapon blueprints and stacks of cash lying around ready for you swoop up.

The top-secret ‘Bunker 11’ (located North-West of Military Base) requires you and your squad to complete a hidden easter egg to grant you access. If you manage to successfully slip in, then you’ll earn an exclusive Legendary MP7 weapon blueprint — check out our step-by-step guide on how to open the bunker with phones!

All Warzone bunker locations

Warzone's bunker locations.
Activision / Map Genie
Every bunker location in Verdansk.

All Warzone phone and computer locations

To complete the Bunker 11 easter egg, you’ll need to know the locations of each phone. Phones are dotted all over the map and are usually found on a desk of some kind.

You’ll know when you’ve found one of the phones, as you’ll be able to interact with it and listen to either a message in Russian (relating to the Bunker 11 easter egg) or a flat dial tone.

Warzone phone locations.
Activision / Map Genie
Every phone location in Verdansk.

Spoiler warning: Don’t read on if you intend on completing the aforementioned Bunker 11 easter egg.

After completing the Bunker 11 easter egg, players will see a few storyline teasers, including a nuke workshop. To top things off, players can interact with a computer inside the bunker (which some believe ties into a second easter egg associated with the remaining computers around the map).

With that in mind, there are five currently known computer locations on the surface of Verdansk, with the majority located in the South-East portion of the map.

Warzone computer locations.
Activision / Map Genie
Every computer location in Verdansk.

Season 1 Airport bunker

The Airport bunker added in Warzone’s Season 1 update is more of a landing location than a traditional Verdnask bunker. However, it’s by far the biggest bunker on the map and is filled with plenty of loot to prepare you for a match.

The bunker can be accessed by parachuting into a giant hole located in the center of Verdansk’s Airport runway. It’s worth noting that this is an extremely popular landing spot so don’t expect to be alone once you’re inside.

New bunker in verdansk from r/CODWarzone

So there you have it, every bunker, phone, and computer location currently known in Warzone’s Verdansk.

Given that easter eggs have already started to emerge from these interactive locations, there could be a plethora of hidden gems to come as the story progresses. So keep this page bookmarked and we’ll update this if more locations surface.

Call of Duty

How to unlock Modern Warfare’s CX-9 SMG before it’s even released

Published: 8/Jan/2021 5:57

by Brad Norton


The CX-9 is an unreleased SMG seemingly on its way to Modern Warfare in the near future. While it’s not in the game just yet, you can already unlock the weapon thanks to this simple guide.

Leaks are fairly common in the Call of Duty community, and Modern Warfare has had its fair share over recent months. We got our first look at a handful of new Operators along with a few weapons back in December 2020.

While this content still hasn’t been officially revealed just yet, you can already unlock the CX-9 SMG in-game. It’s a fresh take on the ‘Scorpion’ weapon from earlier titles, boasting an extremely fast fire rate.

The gun will supposedly be available across both Modern Warfare and Warzone whenever it arrives. Here’s how you can add it to your inventory ahead of time so that it’s ready to go on day one.

How to unlock the CX-9 SMG in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare SMG challenge
Reddit: MightyJordanb
The CX-9 SMG challenge is already live in Modern Warfare.

Following the early leaks, players have reported challenge progress towards unlocking the CX-9. Before it’s even present in the Gunsmith, Modern Warfare will seemingly already track your progress.

In fact, you might have already completed the unique objective without even noticing. If you’re looking to start fresh and guarantee you get it done, however, things couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do for this in-game challenge is find two longshot kills using SMGs across five separate games. This means you’ll want to play opposite to how SMGs should be used. Keep your distance, track enemies from afar, and control your fire in short bursts.

Two per game isn’t a huge amount though. This can easily be knocked out in a few matches in any Hardcore playlist, for instance.

gameplay RAAL MG , CX-9 , Sykov from modernwarfare

There’s currently no telling when the SMG will be made available. You won’t be able to use the CX-9 in regular multiplayer just yet, though it can be purchased in Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops Survival mode if you’re desperate to try it out.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this SMG along with other leaked weapons all make their way to Modern Warfare and Warzone in the near future.