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How to unlock the minigun in Warzone

Published: 11/Jun/2020 12:15

by James Busby


While Warzone’s Bunker 11 mystery has long been debunked, the recent update has added a new weapon that every Call of Duty player wants to get their hands on. Here’s how you can get the minigun in Warzone.

Activision and Infinity Ward have finally released the highly-anticipated Season 4 update for Modern Warfare. There are plenty of new guns, game modes, cosmetics, and overall balance changes that promise to keep things fresh in the months to come. However, one of the biggest surprises was the addition of the minigun in Warzone. 

Popular YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ managed to get this deadly weapon in his latest stream where he showcased the weapon’s ludicrous clip size and lightning-fast fire rate. There are currently two miniguns up for grabs in Warzone, so make sure you follow the steps below in order to claim this deadly gun for yourself. 


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How to access Bunker 11 in Warzone

In order to open Bunker 11, you’ll need to first visit one of the many activation phones that are dotted around Verdansk. While you can open the bunker in Warzone’s Battle Royale mode, it’s much easier to load into either Plunder or Blood Money to avoid any frustrations that arise from the deadly gas circle. 

Once you’ve loaded into the game, your squad will need to spread out and begin searching for a specific phone. There are a total of seven activation phones and you’ll need to interact with each one until you hear the operator speak in Russian. If you hear a flat dial tone, then simply move on to the next location. 


Reddit user StrangerRobijn has made the following image to help Warzone players locate each activation phone, so make sure you use this as a guide until you can memorise each phone location. 

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This handy guide shows all the locations and translations you need to open Bunker 11.

If you’ve located the correct phone, a Russian operator will answer and give you a three-digit code. Fortunately for us non-Russian speakers, StrangerRobijin has translated each of the numbers in the image above. We’ve also listed the following translations below: 

  1. a-deen
  2. Dva 
  3. tree
  4. chye-tir-ye
  5. pyat
  6. shest
  7. Syem
  8. vo-syem
  9. dyev-yat
  10. Dyes-yat

The three-digit code you get will dictate the order you visit the phones in. For example, if you had code 012, you would visit phone zero first, then phone one, then phone two. If you wish to speed up this process, we suggest having splitting up and hopping in the nearest vehicles to cut down the overall travel time. 


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You’ll know when you’ve interacted with the correct phones when you hear a little jingle. This sound means you’ve been successful and Bunker 11 can now be entered. Bunker 11 can be found just North-West of Warzone’s Military Base, so grab your squadmates and rush over to this location as quickly as possible. 

Once you’ve successfully made it to Bunker 11, it’s time to begin looting all the goodies that are currently tucked behind its concrete walls. Inside, you will find stacks of cash, a legendary MP7 blueprint, and the new minigun. We will be updating this post as soon as any more secrets have been uncovered, so make sure you check back here for all the latest updates.