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New Warzone Season 2 wall glitch makes players unkillable on Rebirth Island

Published: 2/Mar/2021 13:12

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have discovered a new wallbreach glitch on Rebirth Island in Season 2 and it’s already completely ruining games.

For the duration of Warzone’s existence as a battle royale, players have been finding ways to breach the boundaries of the map and get easy kills over their opponents. Effectively, they’re cheating their way to wins.

For the most part, Verdansk doesn’t have many issues with these glitches anymore… but Rebirth Island is being affected.

With the launch of Season 2 in late February, players have already found new ways to glitch walls on the map, and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating.


Warzone rebirth island chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering is a popular drop spot, but you might want to stay away for now.

Chemical Engineering was already a dangerous place when it was first introduced with the Black Ops Cold War integration, and players quickly found ways to clip inside walls in the building.

Now, it’s happening again, but on an even larger scale. Rather than simply clipping into a small corner, players are able to breach the walls from outside and see much more of the map, picking out enemies on an even wider scale.

As you can see in the clip below from tenXeXo, players can breach into the walls and even get under the Chem. Eng. section of the map, even looking up to see through the floors and find enemy players.


[PSA] New season, new glitches. People are clipping inside the walls underneath Chemical Engineering on Rebirth from r/CODWarzone

Of course, it’s near impossible to counter because there’s no way of knowing players are hiding within the walls until you die to them.

There’s no telling whether you can shoot back at the cheating enemies, and even if you can, you’ll have to hope you get lucky and hit them despite not seeing them.

Developers Raven Software will want to get on top of this issue soon before it spreads and gets even worse.