Warzone players want simple Apex Legends feature added to game

Jacob Hale
Warzone rampart apex legends feature

Warzone players are requesting one major feature be added to the game, and it’s something already found in battle royale competitor Apex Legends.

Battle royale has been the go-to genre for many gamers in recent years, but very few have had any amount of staying power to remain a top title.

As it stands, there are three key battle royale titles that maintain large player counts and fanfare: Warzone, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

With this, they each like to take ideas from each other and improve their own game in any way possible, and now Warzone fans are requesting one that can already be found in Apex.

Warzone season 2 jungle operator
As it stands, testing out your new weapon builds isn’t very easy in Warzone.

If you’ve played much Warzone at all, you’ll know how important a good loadout is. Whether you’re trying to test out the new FARA assault rifle in Season 2 or imitate NICKMERCS’ M16 build, there’s no way of really getting a feel for it until you’re in the game.

In Apex Legends, you can head over to the firing range between matches to test out weapons, work on your movement or figure out the best ways to utilize characters’ abilities — and Warzone fans are asking for something similar.

Posting to Reddit, Lifeesstwange has begged the Warzone developers to add a firing range to test out weapon builds between matches. This, they say, would be nice to just fire off a couple of clips, rather than dropping in to a match just to find out the loadout is “garbage.”

They also add that it “would be good to help make a workable build with what you have when still working on a weapon,” for example when a new weapon comes out and you don’t have many attachments for it.

Of course, comparisons between the major battle royale titles will never cease, especially since they all individually have components and features that help them shine above the others.

That said, a firing range in Warzone is definitely something that should be seriously considered, especially since meta loadouts change so often and there are so many weapons available.

Whether this is something Activision or Raven Software decide to add in the future remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an idea that’s picking up steam online.