Freaky Warzone glitch adds a third player to the Gulag

warzone gulag glitchActivision

Like a jump scare in a horror movie, a new Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is freaking players out by adding a third combatant to their 1v1 Gulag matches.

Picture this: your palms are sweaty, knees weak and your arms are heavy. Holding a Crossbow, you’ve got a foe in the opposite corner already. But as you prepare to fight, a third duelist appears in the Gulag.

It’s a scary thing to imagine, much like Warzone meets Five Nights at Freddy’s. But, for some of Verdansk’s competitors, this nightmarish scenario has actually proven to be a reality. While the third opponent was unable to fight, there is a glitch causing them to show up as the Gulag duel begins.

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In a video shared online, a player spawned into the Gulag and, to their immediate surprise, was side-by-side with another Crossbow-wielding player. For the clip in question, the apparition disappeared by the end of the countdown timer, but no one knows exactly what happened or why.

As shared by ‘Minimus Max’ on YouTube, they spawn into the Gulag as normal and see their enemy’s silhouette in the opposite corner. Then, when perusing the perimeter, they notice a third person in there, also wielding a weapon and also staring forward.

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Chuckling and confused, before they can even assess whether or not this Gulag phantom is friend, foe or even real at all — the third prisoner vanishes as suddenly as they appeared. Unfazed, Minimus Max proceeds to laugh it off and land a smooth headshot, securing their release back onto Verdansk.

As of yet, this glitch doesn’t appear to have registered on Raven Software’s radar at all. Going through the developers’ shared Trello board with Treyarch, there is no card listed either marking awareness or an intended fix for the weird, ghostly bug.

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Call of Duty Warzone Gulag Fists Combat KnifeReddit / 'u/snakedude4'
The old Gulag had its own issues, but never invited third fighters.

That doesn’t seem to be too damning for the time being, as the worst the glitch seems capable of is distracting a player at the start of the Gulag. If you have nerves of steel like Minimus Max, then this will have no effect on you.

Nevertheless, all bugs are spooky and this may be worth nipping in the bud. Aside from the countdown timer jump scare, it could be horrifying if the glitch lasted for long enough that two separate Gulag fights played out at the same time.

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