New Warzone perk Tempered is causing bizarre issues in Season Five


Warzone Season 5 is finally here bringing tons of new content, including perks exclusive to Warzone. One of these perks, Tempered, is causing a huge issue in Verdansk; preventing players from climbing ladders.

With the integration of Season 5 into the current game, there are tons of new things, such as weapons, a Gulag, and two exclusive perks.

On top of all of this Activision have teased players that there is an anti-cheat in development. This is helping bring players back to the game and wanting to grind it out.

However, even with all these new features being added to the game there are still issues that arise with new patches. This latest one is not allowing players to climb ladders in Warzone.

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The new perk Tempered is causing a game-breaking issue in Warzone.

New Warzone Tempered perk prevents players from climbing ladders

Players are reporting that the new perk, Tempered which allows players to use less armor plates, is causing a game-breaking bug.

The bug is preventing Warzone players from climbing up ladders all over Verdansk. This Reddit clip posted by ‘AmEn-MiNii’ shows off just how broken this can be.

You can hear in the clip that his squadmate doesn’t even believe them. They try swapping weapons, but then realize that this is only happening while the Tempered perk is equipped.

This is a huge issue because players are finding that this new perk is really helpful for saving up armor plates. Also, there are many roofs that players like to camp on, but can only be accessed by a ladder or a helicopter.

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Other players are reporting the same issue, one Redditor said this has been happening to them in their games, but claim that they did not have the Tempered perk equipped. Most people, though, agreed that it only occurred when they have Tempered equipped.

It is unclear how to fully prevent this from happening in your games, but it seems to be something involving the new perk. Hopefully there is a fix soon as Warzone players are loving this new season.