How Warzone’s two new Season 5 Perks work: Tempered & Combat Scout

Warzone Season 5 gameplayActivision

For the first time in Warzone history, exclusive Perks are on the way as part of the Season 5 patch. Tempered & Combat Scout are set to shake up the battle royale meta and we’ve got the rundown on how they both work.

After subtly teasing new Perks in the Season 4 Reloaded patch, Raven Software officially revealed two Warzone exclusive Perks on the way in Season 5.

In a first for the free-to-play title, these Perks were built from the ground up just for Warzone. They won’t be appearing in Black Ops Cold War as they offer exclusive benefits for the battle royale experience.

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Combat Scout and Tempered have their own unique abilities that could change just about every top Warzone loadout today.

Here’s an overview of how Warzone’s new Perks work.

Warzone exclusive perk: Combat Scout

With Combat Scout, you’re able to shoot at enemies and temporarily reveal their position. Upon dealing damage, enemies are highlighted in bright orange on your screen as a ping is automatically applied for everyone in your squad.

If you’re in a difficult gunfight and can’t quite explain things to your team, Combat Scout essentially does the job for you. Every enemy you encounter will automatically be revealed for allies to help with.

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If your entire squad has Combat Scout equipped, you’ll always have the most intel possible while storming through Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

Vision Pulse BO3Activision
Combat Scout highlights enemies in Warzone similar to Vision Pulse from Black Ops 3.

Warzone exclusive perk: Tempered

With Tempered, armor is more effective than ever. Up until Season 5, players needed three armor plates to be at full health. Now, only 2 armor plates are required if Tempered is in your loadout.

Converting armor values, each plate now absorbs 75 points of damage with Tempered equipped, compared to the usual 50. 

Of note with Tempered, it appears to chew through two Perk slots, not just one.

It’s unclear if it falls in the Perk 1 or Perk 3 slot. However, Raven Software confirmed it will also negate any use of the Perk 2 slot, making it a costly investment.

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Warzone gameplayActivision
Players can armor up quicker than ever using the new Tempered Perk.

Both Warzone exclusive perks will be live following the Season 5 update on Thursday, August 12.

Not the only new content on the way, be sure to brush up on everything coming as part of the next major Warzone patch.