Warzone pros Tommey and Newbs pull off insane comeback to win Fifakill Frenzy

Fifakill Frenzy, LG UltraGear

Warzone pros Tommey and Newbz stunned viewers as they pulled off an outstanding tournament comeback at the Fifakill Frenzy tournament. 

When it comes to Warzone, everyone has their own legendary tale to tell. Often forged in moments of desperation, players have gone on to defy expectations with outrageous feats.

Competitive tournaments, pitting the best of the best against one another, are the ultimate proving ground when it comes to these GOAT moments. 

Professional players Tommey and Newbz are very familiar with such memorable plays. Their latest story, though, is one for the ages. 

Fifakill Frenzy bracketFifakill Frenzy, LG UltraGear
The tournament wasn’t going to let up anytime soon at the Fifakill Frenzy.

Insane Fifakill Frenzy win

Facing off in the Fifakill Frenzy tournament, the duo were falling on hard times. Seasoned players like Jukeyz rocked up to stake their claim. Four rounds of tactical prowess had to be endured. All to take home a tasty £5000 reward

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Managing to sweat the competition into the grand final, these pros were feeling the pressure. Suddenly, it all clicked and the boys went to work. Rising from the ashes, these legendary lads went on to pull off an insane 29 kill comeback.

“We’re the best in the f*cking game!” exclaimed Tommey after Newbs decimated an entire trio. 

The blessing of this incredible dub isn’t lost on them. Appreciating what is “probably the craziest and best comeback” in a final, Tommey was quick to champion his competitors and their great sportsmanship. 

Fans will be able to see the full extent of their unexpected carnage soon. 

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For Newbz this excellent addition to his accomplishments comes just five months after setting a Warzone world record. Playing with formidable talents Aydan, Scummn and Almond, this supergroup went onto bag an enormous 162 kills between them. 

While Warzone remains an unpredictable beast, we’re sure this tremendous feat won’t be forgotten anytime soon.