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New Warzone ‘Most Wanted’ contract comes with a serious downside

Published: 30/Apr/2020 9:58 Updated: 30/Apr/2020 10:00

by Joe Craven


A game-breaking bug with Call of Duty: Warzone’s new ‘Most Wanted’ contract has emerged, seemingly stopping players from accessing their loadout. 

Warzone’s April 28 update introduced a host of new features to Call of Duty’s sophomore battle royale effort. Strange ‘access cards’ have begun to emerge on the map, alongside new playable areas that could hint at more vehicles.

One of the update’s more controversial changes included ridding the game of its standard ‘Bounty’ contracts, replacing them with the brand new ‘Most Wanted’ contracts. These new contracts make the users a target for every other team in the game.

Infinity Ward
Prepare to be targeted from far away after activating the ‘Most Wanted’ contract.

While the ‘Most Wanted’ contract offers a significant reward upon survival, respawning your whole squad, it seems that survival can also have a serious downside. A new bug has emerged, showing a player losing their loadout and HUD upon reviving a teammate.

The clip, shared to Reddit on April 29, shows a player climb into the back of one of Warzone’s infamous armored trucks in order to pick up a downed teammate. However, their revival coincides with the expiration of the ‘Most Wanted’ contract.

This combination removes the player’s loadout and HUD, essentially wiping their weapons from existence. “Well…don’t revive your teammates when you are about to finish the new contract lmao,” the Redditor joked.

Well…don’t revive your teammates when you are about to finish the new contract lmao from r/CODWarzone

The Modern Warfare fan even confirmed that they died “15 seconds” after the revival as a direct result of the glitch. While the chances of someone reviving a teammate at the exact moment the contract expires are pretty slim, the bug can clearly ruin a game if it does occur.

Infinity Ward are yet to respond to the bug, but any significant update is likely to cause a few noticeable issues. Given the severity of the ‘Most Wanted’ bug, we can expect to see a fix in the works soon.

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More generally, players are disappointed with the developer’s decision to remove regular bounty contracts from non-solo modes. Considering Infinity Ward added trios back after the community complained, it’s possible they add back the old bounty contracts too.


Dr Disrespect rants to himself for 10 mins after accidentally muting mic

Published: 31/Oct/2020 19:07

by Bill Cooney


Streaming superstar Dr Disrespect accidentally muted his microphone just as he began a legendary-looking rant about Call of Duty: Warzone, and may inadvertently have created a new trend in streaming at the same time.

Doc is undoubtedly one of the biggest personalities out there on the internet, but like anyone else, he can still fall victim to the treacherous mindset of getting tilted. 

Like all professionals, he usually does a good job of keeping the speed, violence, and momentum directed at opponents. But during a recent stream, he experienced one Warzone death due to flashbangs too many and took it out on his desk instead.

With a slam that would make fellow streaming star, xQc, proud, the Two-Time let his desk have it just as he was entering into what seemed like quite the heated exposition on the role of flashes grenades in Warzone.

The only problem was that his smack muted the microphone and he didn’t realize it, leading to what may have been the best mime impression on Twitch for the next 10-plus minutes.

It genuinely seems like the 2019 Streamer of the Year had no idea he was basically just talking to himself, as you can even see him going into bits and continuing to rant before he unmutes. It seemed to work out fine though, as he made a pretty penny in donations from viewers telling him they couldn’t hear.

Dr Disrespect mic muted slam
Dr Disrespect
Was it really a mistake, or a bold new strategy in streaming?

“Well, that’s what happens when you slam sh*t around, you know?” Doc reflected. “I think I got like, $100 bucks from people telling me I’m muted. Hey Alex, next time mute me for like two hours, yeah.”

If Dr Disrespect hasn’t chosen a Halloween costume for this year, maybe going trick-or-treating as a mime might be his best option at this point.

Speaking of Halloween, the good doctor’s annual Doctober costume contest is nearing its conclusion as hundreds of fans have submitted their best cosplays, hoping for a chance to be selected among the best. The winners are due to be announced in the upcoming few days, but you can check out some of the best costume submissions so far here.