Mysterious access cards appear on Warzone map

Theo Salaun

New “Red Access Cards” have begun appearing across Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone, and players are scrambling to figure out what they do.

There have been easter eggs across Warzone’s vast map for weeks now and all have seemed to be dead ends, at least so far. Whether it’s the password-protected bunkers or the wonky phones littered throughout Verdansk, none of the game’s devices appear operable.

But suddenly, following the massive Modern Warfare update that went live on April 29, access cards are popping up sporadically and speculation is running rampant. 

Redditor ‘lampy101’ compiled a map of all known locations for easter eggs in Warzone.


The most logical theory is that these new items provide access to the game’s bunkers, which feature keypads and require passcodes to enter. That would be very exciting, as Youtuber ‘S0ur’ has already confirmed that these bunkers have a loot bar of 120 percent, meaning they contain the highest tier of loot in the entire game.

Though it would be exciting, it seems not to be the case. Players have run around interacting with bunkers after picking up the card and, as of yet, nobody has been able to open one up.

Looking at the item specifically, there’s not much information to glean. It’s called a “Red Access Card” and is marked with a medical logo as well as the effervescent orange hue of Warzone’s legendary items.


That medical logo is intriguing, as it doesn’t quite fit what we know of the locked bunkers and, instead, suggests alternate utility. Some have immediately connected it to the computer located at the hospital. Others have noted the possibility that it can be used to revive teammates, maybe at a buy station.

Upon early testing efforts, players have found that the cards, in fact, do not log into the hospital’s computer, nor do they enable anything at the buy station. So, more dead ends.

Like keycards in Fortnite and vault keys in Apex Legends, we are dying to know if Warzone’s mysterious cards will grant access to a higher tier of loot. 


One redditor, ‘deemoeterentino,’ specified that he found one “in between the dam and military base” while another, ‘MrTheRevertz-,’ seemed to find one in the heart of Downtown. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to where they can be discovered, making an investigation into their use even more puzzling.

Like Jon Snow, we know nothing—so far. It’s possible that the cards won’t even have a function until another update comes in, or that they’re a teaser for Call of Duty 2020 or a future event.

But the bunkers still feel like the most reasonable use, so you can be sure that players are testing each one out, just in case.