Nadeshot explains why Scump’s retirement timing is “bizarre”

Scump on stage next to Nadeshot on podcastOpTic Gaming / YT: 100 Thieves

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, former CoD pro and 100 Thieves founder, has explained why he finds the timing of Seth ‘Scump’ Abner’s retirement “bizarre”, pointing to Warzone 2 issues as a key reason. 

The news that Scump was set to call time on his professional Call of Duty career blindsided much of the esports community. 

Originally set to call it a day at the end of the Modern Warfare 2 CDL season, the OpTic legend decided to bring it forward, explaining that he overestimated his ability to cope with the rigorous demands of professional play. 

Resultantly, Dashy has stepped back into the OpTic Texas starting roster for CDL Major 2

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Elsewhere, the CoD community has been coming to terms with the news that one of the most successful, influential, and popular figures in esports history will retire. 

Amongst those reacting has been Nadeshot and CouRage, who dedicated their January 18 podcast to discussing the King and his legacy. 

Nadeshot thinks Scump’s retirement timing is “bizarre” 

The pair kicked off the show with a debate over Scump’s commitment to going into content creation full-time now he is no longer competing, especially in light of Warzone 2’s recent struggles.

“If I’m being very critical, it is a very bizarre time for him to step into content full time,” Nade said. “Because this is probably the first iteration of the Call of Duty life cycle in the last three years, since the release of Warzone 1, where Call of Duty viewership is at probably the lowest it’s been in quite some time.” 

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Timestamp: 2:35

He continued: “The entire conversation on social [media] has primarily been around the fact that Warzone 2 is dropping massively from a player count perspective every single day and a lot of full time Call of Duty creators are tweeting as if it’s the apocalypse.

“I don’t wanna make it seem as though Scump made a bad decision, deciding to go full time content again. I’m sure he’s gonna take a [break], regain, gather himself and come out with some fresh legs and a new found motivation… If I had the raw talent he has I probably would have competed longer.”

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While he’s not yet been live since his retirement announcement, we expect to see Scump over on his YouTube and Twitch channels. If anyone can buck the trend of Warzone 2’s slump, it’s probably the King.