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Modern Warfare April 28 update to add Warzone contract, new LMG, more

Published: 28/Apr/2020 2:27 Updated: 28/Apr/2020 14:21

by Brad Norton


Modern Warfare and Warzone players are in store for an update that looks to add a new layer of challenge into the battle royale mode, while also introducing new content in the way of weapons and cosmetics

Infinity Ward has been frequently updating Warzone with new content and playlists since its March 10 release. Perhaps a little too frequently according to many vocal players.

Another incoming update is set to shake things up once again with new cosmetics, a brand new weapon, and even an intriguing Warzone feature. Here’s everything that’s on the horizon for both Modern Warfare and Warzone.


Infinity Ward
An incoming update will add a new Contract to up the challenge in Warzone.

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A new Warzone Contract to up the challenge.

Warzone’s April 28 update will be introducing a new type of Contract to the 150-player battle royale. The game currently features three unique Contracts. Recon, Bounty, and Scavenger, each of which rewards a team for completing objectives. 

‘Most Wanted’ will soon be the fourth Contract in Warzone as players will be able to up the difficulty for an extraordinary reward.

If you’re down on your luck and all of your teammates failed their Gulag 1v1s, the Most Wanted Contract might just shift momentum in your favor. Upon activating the new feature, you’ll become a Bounty Target for “all teams in Verdansk.”


Living through the duration of the bounty will see all of your teammates redeployed without having to spend a dollar.

Infinity Ward
How will you fend off attacking teams once the Most Wanted Contract is in effect?

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A powerful LMG is on its way to Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward is set to bolster Modern Warfare’s arsenal of devastating weaponry with the new MK9 Bruen LMG.

The upcoming Light Machine Gun boasts “high accuracy and reliable damage,” though there’s no telling just how big the magazine will be, nor how fast the weapon will fire.

Light Machine Guns offer a unique variant to Assault Rifles or Submachine Guns in that they often feature larger magazines, which allows players to deal tremendous damage in longer bursts. Perhaps this new LMG will be an effective counter to vehicles patrolling Verdansk?


Infinity Ward
A look at the MK9 Bruen LMG in Modern Warfare.

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Gunsmith Customs and new cosmetics.

The April 28 update will also introduce a highly-requested feature in ‘Gunsmith Customs.’ Players will finally be able to mix and match all sorts of weapon attachments with their favorite Blueprints, rather than being locked to a specific layout.

So long as you’re selecting attachments from the same weapon, you’ll be able to change any aspect of a certain blueprint to create an optimal, custom fit.

New cosmetics are also on the way in the form of the ‘Pyromaniac’ and ‘Fire Claw III’ bundles. Here’s a full breakdown of each set.

Pyromaniac bundle:

  • Legendary ‘Firestarter’ skin for Krueger.
  • Caldera Legendary blueprint.
  • New Finishing Move.
  • Flaming Throwing Knives.
  • More unknown items.
Infinity Ward
The Firestarter Krueger skin in all its glory.

Fire Claw III bundle:

  • Legendary SMG blueprint, ‘By the Toe.’
  • New ‘Crown-themed’ Spray.
  • New ‘Tiger-themed’ Charm.
Infinity Ward
By The Toe looks to be one of the more powerful SMG variants in Modern Warfare.

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Shoot The Ship is also making a return for a limited time with the April 28 update. Players will be able to drop back into a non-stop, close-quarters mode, locked to just Shoot House and Shipment.


As usual, the update will also come with a limited window of Double XP gains. Starting on May 1 at 10 AM PT and lasting through until May 4 at 10 AM PT, players will be able to earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, Double Battle Pass Tier Progression.

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