Big-brain Warzone trick could help you easily win your Gulag duel


Warzone players have devised an unbelievably clever trick to help fool your opponent in any Gulag duel. Here’s a rundown on how you can use the cheeky tactic as well.

Warzone’s Gulag offers a unique addition to the tried and tested battle royale formula, one that allows players to earn their way back into the fight.

The 1v1s can get heated as a result, but a few genius strategies have popped up since the game’s release. From tactical body-paint, to lethal rock-throws. However, a new tactic is taking the Gulag by storm as players have figured out an incredible way to trick the competition. 

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If you’re struggling in the Gulag, this trick could help win your next 1v1.

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It can easy to lose track of your opponent in the midst of a Gulag duel, especially when rocks are being thrown your way by impatient bystanders.

This clever trick could help you trick your opponent into a hilarious trap, however, and all you need is a single spray.

Painting a dimly lit wall with a soldier spray has enemies shooting at absolutely nothing. Giving away their position all while wasting their ammo as well. 

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So long as you’re hidden away out of sight, you can quickly swoop in for the cleanup kill as Reddit user ‘mertino11’ showcased with their “2000 IQ” play.

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The spray shows a soldier at the ready, aiming a weapon and imitating a similar stance to that of in-game character models. It can be surprisingly easy to confuse the two in a fight-for-your-life Gulag battle.

Coming in at almost the same height as a typical operator as well, it’s no shock that players are wasting ammo and firing at the spray in hopes of an easy kill.

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This particular spray is a new addition to the game thanks to the Season 3 update. You can grab it for yourself at tier 14 of the latest battle pass.

Modern Warfare’s Season 3 battle pass includes the cheeky new solider spray.

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Be sure to keep your eyes out when you next find yourself in the Gulag, as enemies could try to use this strategy against you. 

At the end of the day, you won’t want to end up on the receiving end of this Warzone spray trickery.

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