Warzone players furious after removal of another popular mode


Call of Duty: Warzone players have been left asking where one of their favorite modes has disappeared to, after it was removed from the playlist.

Since it launched in March, Warzone has been a hit with Call of Duty players who want to take their usual 5v5 multiplayer skills and hone them in a bigger, slightly more intense arena. Warzone allows players to play in the classic battle royale mode where it is all about being the last team standing, as well as Plunder – a mode where its all about picking up money and surviving.

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Plunder, despite being a spin on what battle royale players are used to playing, has been a hit though – seeing as players can rack up huge kill totals and still have multiple chances to come out as winners. Though, it has undergone a change that fans aren’t too happy about.

Modern Warfare Operator.Activision
Plunder puts a fast-paced spin on Call of Duty Warzone’s battle royale mode.

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Warzone players have logged on to find that the usual Plunder Quads mode has been removed from rotation – replaced instead with only Plunder Duos, in addition to normal Warzone quads, trios, and solo modes. 

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Many who were left disappointed by the discovery have made their voices heard on social media, demanding answers from Infinity Ward and the immediate return of Plunder Quads. “Why take out plunder quads?” asked one fan. Another added: “Please for the love of all that is holy, bring back #plunderquads.”

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The mode was removed as a part of a playlist update on April 16 as Infinity Ward tweeted that they had heard the fans’ call for the return of normal Warzone trios. 

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Of course, it seems as if they’ve removed the wrong mode in the process and might have to revert the change in order to appease the demand of fans. However, until the developers make a decision one way or another, it remains to be seen if Plunder Quads will be making a return in the future.

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