Ranking all of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps

Joe Craven
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps have been massively talked about in the Call of Duty community, with many players critical of Infinity Ward’s designs. Here, we rank all of them. 

Multiplayer maps are one of the most important aspects to any Call of Duty game. Looking back at the most fondly remembered CoD games – Black Ops II, Black Ops III and Modern Warfare 3 – all boast seriously fun, fast-paced multiplayer maps.

While Modern Warfare’s maps are undoubtedly inferior to the likes of those titles, not all of them deserve to be criticized. Here, we’ve ranked all of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps, based on flow, enjoyment and re-playability.

We’ve not bothered with Gunfight or Ground War only maps, and have stuck to the multiplayer maps that feature in the normal CoD game modes.

Finally, the list is of course completely subjective. Different players enjoy different maps, and the game modes players opt to play will definitely impact this. If I hate a map and you like it, that’s okay. Neither of us need to scream at the other via Twitter.

11. Aniyah Palace

Infinity WardAniyah Palace may look welcoming, but it’s not.

The most frustrating thing about Aniyah Palace is its potential. While some maps – think Stonehaven from Ghosts – are just drab and terrible, Aniyah Palace is aesthetically creative and looks awesome.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. While the palace itself could make a cool setting, the decision to include a considerable amount of land either side of the palace does little but hinder the map.

The ridiculous size acts as a sedative to any flow Aniyah Palace could have, as players are forced to run towards middle map, but end up gunned down by players cozied up in the palace itself. Long story short, it’s just way too big.

It’s unsurprising that the map was added to Ground War in December 2019, as Infinity Ward try to find relevancy for the giant wasteland that is Aniyah Palace.

10. Euphrates Bridge

Infinity WardEuphrates Bridge is poor in every sense.

Similar to Aniyah Palace, this map is built around a focal point; this time in the form of a giant bridge. While this has worked in some previous CoD titles, it doesn’t work here.

Once again, Infinity Ward’s inclusion of pointless wasteland either side of the bridge merely means players are desperate for cover, and are relentlessly picked off by snipers camping in spawn or on the bridge.

Again, it’s just way too big. It’s maps like Euphrates Bridge that causes players to ask: “What were they thinking?”

It’s reminiscent of Gustav Cannon from CoD: WWII – and that’s about the most scathing comment I can come up with.

9. Grazna Raid

Infinity WardThe design formula for Grazna Raid: more buildings, more lanes, more buildings & more lanes.

One word springs to mind when thinking about Grazna Raid: messy. It’s a bit too big, but this is worsened by the abundance of lanes, angles, windows and buildings.

While the move away from 3-lane maps for Modern Warfare was welcomed by some, maps like Grazna Raid are good examples of why a limit of 3 can be a positive. The abundance of buildings and routes make consistency as impossible to find as enemy players.

Go to cross a road and you’ll be shot from one of ten possible hideouts. Go to flank an enemy and you’ll be shot in the back by an enemy sitting in their spawn. Someone should have let Infinity Ward know that, sometimes, “less is more.”

8. Arklov Peak

Infinity WardArklov Peak is featured in a number of pro game modes.

In my mind, there’s a pretty sizeable jump from Grazna Raid to Arklov Peak. In other words – this map’s not terrible.

It’s still probably too big and could benefit from fewer buildings, but it undoubtedly retains a flow that the previously mentioned maps lack. Frustrating aspects include the massive open space in front of the church, with barely any cover.

Similarly, like many other Modern Warfare maps, the number of angles players have to consider is way too high. Regardless, I maintain that it’s a lot better than the aforementioned maps.

7. Piccadilly

Infinity WardPiccadilly is based on the famous area of central London.

In terms of aesthetics, Piccadilly is probably the best map in Modern Warfare. The vibrant screens and deep blue combine to make a beautiful setting. Sadly, it’s not quite matched by the gameplay.

While the map is much faster paced than some others, its creativity can also be its downfall. The entirety of mid-map is made up of buses which, while in keeping with its London-theme, probably do not suit a CoD map.

Similarly, it struggles to balance its verticality. The scaffolding on one side is undoubtedly a power position, as is the window in the sports shop, and the large open spaces allow players to be picked off from far too many angles. Perhaps most egregious are the spawn traps, which Infinity Ward made some tweaks to, but are not resolved entirely.

It deserves credit for its look and fast pace, but it lacks the consistency and flow to make it anything better than mediocre.

6. Azhir Cave

Infinity Ward
Azhir Cave is playable in night or day time.

While a number of Modern Warfare maps have moved away from CoD’s 3-lane formula, Azhir Cave has retained it to a greater degree. Despite this, it struggles in its execution.

The cave itself can get a bit messy and confusing, with Infinity Ward struggling to balance open caverns and narrow choke points. Similarly, the map’s other lanes sort of blend into one, lending itself to uneven gameplay.

It’s equally easy to dominate on Azhir Cave as it is to be dominated. It’s not terrible, but it’s another Modern Warfare map that struggles to be anything more than average.

5. St. Petrograd

Infinity WardSt. Petrograd is another map that features in professional Modern Warfare.

The only part of this map I have a serious problem with is it’s very middle. I know maps are meant to have chaotic areas – but it’s nearly impossible to do anything in mid-map without being shot from one of the many angles available to players.

Whether it’s an enemy from the overlooking windows, the nearby train tracks or the canal-side, trying to capture B-flag is more difficult than finding someone who likes Aniyah Palace.

Other than that, I don’t have many issues with this map. There’s a really good variety of gunfights available. The train tracks lend themselves to some long-distance engagements, while the buildings themselves are conducive to close-range combat.

It’s a map anyone can thrive on, regardless of play-style. That’s something that should be praised, regardless of how unwell mid-map makes me feel.

4. Rammaza

Infinity WardRammaza is part of the fictional Urzikstan.

Rammaza is the first map on this list that I don’t have any major problems with. It’s a smaller map, complemented by its tidy three-lane structure.

There are some issues in the scaffolding/construction area of the map, around where the ‘A’ bomb site is, but these are minor when considering the rest of the map.

Creatively designed, the map is bright and colorful, with masses of variety to its gunplay. The verticality adds a new dynamic to much of middle map, but in a way that feels fair.

Its 3-lane structure enables a flow that many other maps lack, and its contained environment makes it feel like a typically fun CoD map.

3. Gun Runner

Infinity WardOur third place is Gun Runner.

Taking the bronze medal in our list is Gun Runner. This map, like our other favorites, has a nice variety to its gunplay. Its a medium-sized map, but its excellent design means it stays fast-paced, but never quite descends into chaos.

This consistency is something a number of Modern Warfare maps lack. The warehouses enable close-range gunfights, well-complimented by the more open areas, like the train tracks or mid-map.

However, these areas are well balanced, and neither feels too strong for its own good. There are one too many camping spots and some spawn issues, but it’s otherwise a very strong map.

2. Hackney Yard

Infinity WardHackney Yard is another map set in London.

Our silver medallist is the second Modern Warfare map set in London, and the only one to do the English capital justice. While Piccadilly excels in its impressive aesthetics, Hackney Yard is suitably drab and depressing to reflect the gunfight taking place there.

However, its design is nearly impeccable. 3-lane and small to medium-sized, it has the perfect amount of verticality and fluency. It enables players to move very freely, easily scaling walls and buildings if they desire.

This enables creative plays from competitors and rewards intelligent, innovative ideas. In other words, there are very few spots where players are forced down one route or to one choke point. It is, overall, an excellent map, and would not be out of place in a game as good as Black Ops II.

1. Shoot House

Infinity WardShoot House is the best map in Modern Warfare.

Our gold medallist will not shock anyone who’s played Modern Warfare’s multiplayer since November 8. Added in response to fan criticism over map designs, Infinity Ward’s reply was spot on.

The addition of Shoot House can be compared to Nuketown in the way in which it has affected Modern Warfare’s online play. The Shoot House 24/7 playlist has more or less been a mainstay since its implementation, and for good reason.

The small 3-lane map is exceptionally well made. Intended to be organized chaos, it manages to be just that. Some maps in CoD – *cough* Shipment *cough* – are anarchy, and meant to be that. While maps like that are fun, it’s nigh on impossible to find consistency on a map so small.

Shoot House bucks that trend. It’s small enough to be rapidly-paced and consistently fun, but designed well enough to avoid dissolving into carnage and frustrating players. It suffers from spawn issues, sure, but Modern Warfare suffers from spawn issues.

Shoot House was a perfect response to the calls for smaller, 3-lane maps. More like this please, Infinity Ward.

That rounds off our ranking of all Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps. What would you change? Tweet us @DexertoIntel to let us know your rankings! 

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