10 classic Call of Duty maps that would be perfect for Warzone

Infinity Ward

Warzone’s enormous map already features a number of classic Call of Duty battlegrounds, but here are 10 more iconic locations that would be a perfect fit for Infinity Ward to add to Verdansk.

From Scrapyard to the Gulag, Warzone pays homage to a handful of multiplayer maps and singleplayer locations from earlier Infinity Ward titles. The devs have managed to strike a nostalgic chord for veteran players, while allowing newcomers to become familiar with the stomping grounds too.

Leaving the door open for future updates, Verdansk could certainly change over the seasons as Infinity Ward looks to keep the battle royale experience fresh. With that in mind, here are 10 classic maps we would love to see added to Warzone.

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Infinity Ward
Here are 10 classic CoD locations that we want to drop back into in Warzone.

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Tackling these maps in chronological order, let’s start out with a Modern Warfare locale that could fit perfectly. Ignoring the original locality and focusing solely on the layout, Strike’s memorable design could make for a great addition.

A mid-sized battlefield with plenty of buildings to loot and flanking routes to exploit, Strike seems like one of the more obvious selections. 

High ground options would make for some tense final zone battles, while numerous alleyways and hidden paths would create some explosive moments for teams dropping in hot. Vehicles could even drive through the streets so long as debris is taken out of the way.

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Infinity Ward
Strike is one of the most popular maps from the original Modern Warfare.

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Wet Work

The next original Modern Warfare map that could be a fascinating space in Warzone, is none other than Wet Work. A section of Wet Work has already made its mark on the Gunfight playlist. However, this idea would bring the full map back to life.

Modern Warfare’s Wet Work takes after the first mission in the 2007 story mode as Soap and Captain Price infiltrate a cargo ship. Reimagining the map in Warzone would open a wide array of new possibilities.

Rather than simply shoehorning the layout onto the landmass of Verdansk, IW could experiment with a full-scale recreation at sea. Players could swim to the landmark or boost their way towards it with new vehicles like jet skis or motorboats.

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Working under a seasonal structure for Warzone, Infinity Ward could plant the seeds for this future addition in the same vein as Epic Games with Fortnite’s frequent map updates, where teasers often crop up early.

Infinity Ward
Wet Work could see the introduction of all new vehicles in Warzone.

Sub Base

Playing off of the idea of combat at sea, Modern Warfare 2’s Sub Base could be a great fit for a location that borders the coastline.

An unforgettable layout for fans of the 2009 release, Sub Base was set in snowy Russia. However, all that’s needed is the structure of the map to capture that nostalgia in Warzone.

The near-symmetrical placement of buildings overlooking the center street could be great looting spots before players hop on a jet ski and zoom to the next location.

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Infinity Ward
Who knows, maybe submarines could even come to Warzone in the future.


Sticking with Modern Warfare 2, Estate is the next classic map we would love to see reintroduced in Warzone.

With plenty of forests throughout Verdansk already, much of the terrain lends itself to the layout of Estate. All that’s missing are a few key buildings and obviously the central ‘cabin in the woods.’

Verticality is a major factor in the map, with a number of buildings featuring high and low ground options. As far as final zones go, standing your ground inside of the cabin could lead to some extremely memorable moments too.

Infinity Ward
A final zone around Estate could lead to some intense moments… could it be on the new Warzone maps?


A huge addition that could be brought back to life in Warzone is Modern Warfare 2’s Quarry. A great location for those proficient with long-range loadouts, this map features a great deal of unique indoor and outdoor combat opportunities.

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The enormous crane dead center of the map could feature a higher chance at powerful loot to entice players into risky territory. 

Most vehicles would struggle to enter the unique layout of this map due to narrow pathways and janky obstacles too. Helicopters would still be in play, but for the most part, this addition could lead to an exclusively on-foot hotspot.

Infinity Ward
Quarry could promote more on-foot combat opportunities to get players out of vehicles.

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Last but not least for Modern Warfare 2, Rust simply has to be added into Warzone. The smallest mention on this list by far, the map has already been remade for the 2019 release. It simply needs to be dropped into Verdansk as well.

The heavenly stomping grounds for trickshotters back in the day, it would be incredible to see what the community could do with Rust in the battle royale.

If a final zone shrinks around the map, it could set up for some of the greatest game-winning killcams in franchise history. For that reason alone it’s worth adding to Warzone — just make sure you bring a sniper too.


Staying on-brand with small-scale maps but moving forward to Modern Warfare 3, Dome is another iconic location that would make perfect sense for Warzone.

A close-quarters map that favors a shotgun or SMG loadout, Dome could be a neat throwback map for players looking to loot in a jiffy.

Fast-paced action is what made Domne such a prominent setting in MW3’s casual playlists. As Blackout made use of many small-scale Treyarch maps, Warzone could certainly benefit from the same with classic, tight-knit Infinity Ward maps.

Infinity Ward
Dome is certainly one of the smaller maps from Modern Warfare 3.


Moving on to Infinity Ward’s Ghosts, there’s no denying that Freight is one of the more memorable maps from the franchise’s 2013 entry. 

Warzone’s gameplay would lend to Freight in an exciting way, as players could traverse the near-symmetrical map with gunfights coming from both sides of the tracks.

The map also featured a few interactive aspects unique to Ghosts that could be fun in Warzone too. Shooting the locks off of doors to open new pathways is one of the many reasons why Freight would be fun to run through in Verdansk.

Infinity Ward
Freight was a popular SnD map throughout the Ghosts cycle.

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Another popular map from Ghosts that could be a natural fit in a battle royale setting is Warhawk. A small-scale map that served as one of the most popular competitive battlefields in the game’s lifecycle.

As a mostly outdoor map, the location could certainly be expanded with more pathways and entry points to previously locked off buildings. That would pave the way for plenty of chests and loot locations, making it a popular landing spot.

With trucks and cars already scattered throughout the streets of Warhawk, it could also be a perfect fit for Warzone’s vehicle-enthusiasts.

Infinity Ward
Warhawk already looks like a perfect visual fit for Warzone


Rounding out the list with a map from Infinite Warfare, Throwback could be one of the more fitting inclusions plucked from the sci-fi entry. 

While Warzone’s more grounded movement system will prevent players from double jumping to elevated platforms, the structure of the map itself could lead to interesting scraps.

Seemingly prioritizing maps from the Modern Warfare series specifically, there’s a good chance that Infinite Warfare areas never see the light of day in Warzone. Though if they do, Throwback would certainly be a fan favorite.

Infinity Ward
If Warzone ever pulls from Infinite Warfare, Throwback would be a great map to re-imagine.

Season three of Modern Warfare kicks off on April 8 and it’s likely a number of new additions make their way to Warzone. There may not be map changes, but there will be new weapons and items, to fresh playlists and more.

While it might be too early for drastic map changes, we’re holding out hope that familiar stomping grounds pop up in Verdansk in the near future.