Modern Warfare 3 devs all but confirm slide cancel return with new content creator merch pack

Brad Norton
Modern Warfare 2 gameplay

Slide canceling is seemingly back on the menu for Modern Warfare 3 as Activision has cheekily teased a return of the movement mechanic for the new release in a bizarre merch pack sent out to content creators.

Although nothing has yet been officially unveiled in the leadup to this year’s Modern Warfare 3 release, that hasn’t stopped early intel from piling up. Be it through a number of major artwork leaks or various datamines from Warzone 2, we already know a fair bit about the new CoD title.

Now, adding to the pile is Activision itself. Ahead of a proper reveal event later this month, devs are now starting to tease what’s to come and the latest hint is something rather unique.

A handful of North American content creators were just sent a new merch pack. Unlike recent hauls that provided actual goodies for streamers to wear on-camera or use in their setup, this one featured some odd items that all but spell out the return of a key gameplay mechanic.

Various streamers unboxed the new package while live on August 6. First they showed a pair of nondescript flip-flops, then a can, followed by a few loose pieces of tech that when assembled, form a dated cell phone.

When taken literally, slides, cans, and cells can only point to one thing in CoD terms: Slide canceling.

Accompanying the package was a handwritten, bloodstained note from a mysterious imprisoned sender. It reads: “I was barely able to get this out of the prison. No time to explain, use these items to prepare for what’s to come.”

When switched on, a few brief messages were then sent to the phones as well. One, in particular, all but locked in the return of slide canceling in this year’s CoD release, saying “You’ll be expected to move more quickly in Al Mazrah,” according to Swagg’s broadcast.

Naturally, these teasers all point towards the slide-canceling movement mechanic making a return in Modern Warfare 3, and seemingly Warzone 2 as well once integrated later this year.

A core feature of both competitive multiplayer and competitive Warzone in recent years, slide cancels do exactly what they say, canceling part of your slide animation to speed up movement on any given map.

The movement trick was removed in Modern Warfare 2 and thus, Warzone 2 as well, leading to a wave of backlash from both multiplayer and battle royale gamers alike. But now, it appears devs have heard the feedback loud and clear, with plans to reintroduce slide canceling in MW3.

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