Warzone community overwhelmingly flames removal of slide canceling in MW2

Ryan Lemay
slide canceling in Warzone.

Infinity Ward tried its hand at a few ambitious innovations for Warzone 2, but ultimately backtracked. However, despite facing a massive wave of backlash, the devs haven’t budged on removing slide canceling.

Warzone 2 built upon the original battle royale experience by introducing a 2v2 gulag, backpacks, AI enemies, and more. The devs also controversially removed a few legacy features, such as loadout drops and slide canceling.

None of the decisions lasted long or left a positive impression on players. Infinity Ward eventually reverted back to the original gulag system, removed backpacks, and cut out a majority of AI combatants from the map.

On top of that, loadout drops returned after community members made their voices heard. One design choice players have not been able to sway devs on, however, is the removal of slide canceling.

Warzone 2 players voice frustrations over removal of slide canceling

Modern Warfare 2019 introduced slide canceling. The whole premise around it is using it as an effective way to get around the map quickly and finesse enemies. Players utilized the mechanic to add an extra layer of movement to gunfights.

Warzone 2 removed the feature. Without the ability to slide around, some players have argued it’s too hard to escape an engagement or reposition.

ModernWarzone asked community members in a poll: “Are you happy Call of Duty and Warzone removed slide canceling this year?”

Over 45,000 people voted, and 64% of voters claimed they are unhappy over the decision to remove the feature.

As of writing, there are no announced plans to add the feature back to Warzone 2.

Insider Gaming reported that Call of Duty 2023 will be called Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Henderson claimed that Las Almas, the map from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, will be MW3’s fully-fledged battle royale map.

It’s yet unclear whether MW3 would be sticking with the Warzone 2 template or if it’ll start fresh as Warzone 3. Community members will just need to wait and see if the fan-favorite feature makes a return in the next series installment.

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