Modern Warfare 2 players want this classic weapon back in the game

Filip Krawanski
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Modern Warfare 2 players would like the devs to bring back the iconic Kar98 from 2019’s Modern Warfare and other titles in the franchise.

Kar98 is an iconic armament that appeared in all 3 original Call of Duty games and then made a comeback in every single World War II-themed Call of Duty afterward.

Some players might remember it from its more recent appearance in Modern Warfare from 2019, one of the only modern-themed Call of Duties to include the historic weapon.

And now, in 2023, Modern Warfare 2 players would like the developers to bring the bolt-action rifle back into the modern battlefield.

As evidenced by a post on the official Modern Warfare II Reddit titled “does anyone else miss the Kar98? No gun in this game has the feel or the satisfying sound of this gun IMO,” which garnered almost 1,000 upvotes.

MW2 players want the Kar98 back in the game

Many players expressed a similar sentiment in the comment section under the post, even suggesting what other iconic weapons from Call of Duty’s history can be brought back.

“I miss this, but I especially miss the Oden. It was perfect.”

“Really wish we had some “vintage” guns in MW2, the 1911 and Kar98 were some of my favorites from the last game.”

Other users also like that unique aspect of 2019’s Modern Warfare.

“It was kinda cool to have WWII guns in MW19. Kinda wish they did it again.”

Well, Season 3 is still somewhere over the horizon, so maybe these pleads will reach the devs and get actualized in the game. After all Season 2 brought a variety of new weapons into the game, many of which quickly rose to the top 10 most popular guns in both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.