Modern Warfare 2 players want classic map from MW2 2009 to finally return

Andrew Highton
modern warfare 2 map fight

Modern Warfare 2 players believe it’s time for the CoD franchise to bring back a much-loved map that was made famous by the legendary 2009 MW2 title.

We are not long into the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded update, which saw the addition of the new Expo map, and players are already begging the devs for new content.

The new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle is an example of how the devs have tried to freshen things up with the new season, along with the Crossbow, but new content is still much sought-after.

One key area that players want to see proper developments in is the game’s maps, which has proven to be a sore point throughout the majority of the game. Even though players have complained about the influx of recycled content, they believe one map finally needs to return.

Calls for Favela to return in Modern Warfare 2

Anyone who played the original Modern Warfare 2 release back in 2009 will be all too familiar with Favela and its tight, intricate map design.

It instantly became a classic, fan-favorite map, but for some reason has been rarely seen over the years when it comes to classic CoD map remakes. However, MW2 players feel that this needs to change moving forward and that Favela needs to feature at some point in the new game.

“Am I the only one who wants this map to be remade for MWII?” said one Reddit post discussing Favela, and the OP was certainly not alone.

“I loved me some Favela back in the day. Wouldn’t mind it making a comeback, but like many things, I’m not holding my breath,” said one user, and another added: “I would probably cry of happiness if they brought Favela back.”

The post also featured a wider narrative in which players feel that the game could be doing more to hark back to the MW2 2009 nostalgia.

One user on the subreddit explained that they would “honestly take any OG MW2 map right now, please,” and another person commented: “Would be great. Or any other decent map really. Just, you know, more maps.”

It’s likely that the devs have a long-term roadmap of the incoming content for Modern Warfare 2, so we’ll have to wait and see which MW2 2009 map remakes we’re going to see between now and CoD 2023.

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