COD players want classic MW2 feature to return in Modern Warfare 3

Weapon inspect on Modern Warfare 2's Favela with COD: Modern Warfare 3 logo inn top right cornerActivision

Call of Duty players have called for a classic weapon feature from the original Modern Warfare 2 game in 2009 to return in this year’s COD title, Modern Warfare 3, as nostalgia runs rampant among veteran players.

Following the announcement that Modern Warfare III will feature all 16 MW2 2009 maps at launch, fully remastered and brought into the present day, many long-time COD players have been dreaming up how best they can relive the glory days.

Whether it’s the return of certain guns, or even fun quirks on the maps, players really want to feel like they’re back in 2009, with a game often considered one of the best in franchise history.

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Now, players are requesting a much-loved weapon feature comes back, and it would be a huge and welcome throwback for anybody who played Modern Warfare 2 back when it first came out.

MW3 players want Tactical Knife back

Players have suggested the return of Tactical Knife, a pistol attachment that, back in the day, could absolutely wreak havoc in close-quarters fights.

“Tac Knife is my fav, I so hope it comes back,” said one player, while another added, “It would be great if it added decreased recoil control and movement speed and accuracy” so as to better balance it.

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After switching from your primary weapon to your pistol, it could come out while holding a knife with your other hand, making meleeing far quicker when someone pops up in front of you — and even more lethal with the Commando Pro perk.

It’s unlikely that we see Commando Pro once again in MW3, but still, the Tactical Knife could be a good way to make running out of ammo in your primary weapon not feel like an immediate death sentence when confronted with an enemy.

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Of course, not everybody was in favor of bringing back the Tac Knife, saying that the panic knifing could seriously ruin fights.

Whether developers Sledgehammer Games actually want to add it back to the game — especially with recent changes to make melee a two-hit kill instead of one-hit — remains to be seen.

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