MW3 players convinced classic MW2 maps have “disappeared” from multiplayer

Connor Bennett
MW3 player using weapon like AMR9

Modern Warfare 3 players are convinced that some of the most divisive maps in the game have ‘disappeared’ as many of them haven’t found a game on them for quite some time. 

When Modern Warfare 3 was first announced, and it was confirmed that the multiplayer side of things was to basically copy the original Modern Warfare 2, many fans were overjoyed. They celebrated the fact they’d be able to go back to maps like Skidrow, Terminal, Quarry, and Favela, as well as playing fighting on some new virtual battlegrounds.

Despite that early enthusiasm, things haven’t gone as smoothly as some fans would have hoped in the months since then. 

Plenty of fans have complained about some of the most iconic maps in CoD history, including Terminal, saying that they no longer play like their original selves and that others aren’t worth the nostalgia trip.

Well, now, some fans have complained that some of the other maps – like Wasteland and Derail – are no longer showing up in map rotations and appear to have ‘disappeared’ from the game.

“I’ve been playing MW3 since it came out, and I noticed that it has been a while since I played on those maps: Wasteland, Underpass, Mercado Las Almas, Crown Raceway,” Redditor SatanicGeek pointed out on June 17. 

“I still see wasteland pop up sometimes in SnD and very occasionally underpass, but yeah Mercado and Raceway have disappeared,” one answered. “Wasteland, Underpass and 4 others I haven’t seen in months,” another added.

Wasteland is an OG MW2 map, but some MW3 fans don’t love it.

One fan even went as far as claiming that Wasteland was ‘removed’ by the devs. However, that is not the case as it is still in the map rotation. 

Other players urged the devs to “make a playlist with MW2 classic maps only” as well as one with maps from Modern Warfare 3. 

Enough maps have been added to the new game to make that a reality, but as for maps disappearing from the game, that’s just not happening. They’re just not being voted on to play in certain lobbies.

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