Modern Warfare 2 players hit out at devs after Season 2 map leaks

Castle from CoD: Vanguard with MW2 logoActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have criticized developers Infinity Ward after Season Two leaks allegedly revealed a Japanese theme and another remake of the World at War map, Castle. 

Modern Warfare 2’s first season of post-launch content is in full swing, with Season One Reloaded set for December 14 and Season Two coming in early February. 

As is pretty standard, leaks and rumors have emerged over the content that will be part of Season 2. 

Specifically, we’re now expecting a Japanese-themed season, with a recreation of CoD: World at War’s iconic Castle multiplayer map. 

However, the map was remade in last year’s Vanguard and players are disappointed with the choice. It follows Season One reincarnating both Shoot House and Shipment, two environments that have been remade in a host of CoD titles in the past. 

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MW2 players question devs over Castle leak for Season 2

One player questioned the decision via Reddit, pointing to a host of Modern Warfare maps from the past that they believe would be more suited to MW2 than Castle, Shoot House, or Shipment. 

“Hey, Infinity Ward?” they said. “Instead of Shoot House Shipment and Castle, any of these would be fine, thanks.” Attached were images of Wasteland, Derail, Karachi, Favela, Overgrown and more. 

Another memed the devs, criticizing the choice for “no original MW2 maps in multiplayer”. 

A third summarized their frustrations by saying: “Not bringing back maps that people actually liked to multiplayer while having them in Warzone is ridiculous. This game would’ve taken off like none other if it had launched with just a couple of those.”  

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Prior to MW2’s release, a number of classic CoD maps leaked, including Highrise and Terminal. However, there’s no sign of them coming to multiplayer, even if they feature in Warzone 2.0’s Al Mazrah environment.

Players should be reassured that there’s still time for the devs to add plenty of classic environments to MW2 with the game set for a series-first two-year cycle.