Modern Warfare 2 players flame “embarrassing” smoke grenade skins

Ryan Lemay
New IO BlackCell exclusive Operator skin as seen in Modern Warfare 2.Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 BlackCell bundle includes a first-of-its-kind smoke grenade skin, and community members ridiculed the new cosmetic item.

Modern Warfare 2 brings back the fan-favorite Haunting event in Season 6. On October 17, the always popular Zombie Royale mode makes a long-awaited return alongside an LTM featuring Diablo 4 miniboss Butcher.

Additionally, the Halloween-inspired event offers plenty of new operators to unlock, including Ash Williams, Alucard, Skeletor, and more. And as with any new seasonal update, players can purchase the Battle Pass.

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This time around, Spawn is the star of the show, as players immediately unlock the iconic superhero after buying the Season 6 Battle Pass. Users can also purchase a premium option called BlackCell. However, this season’s premium option offerings failed to impress fans.

Modern Warfare 2 players slam BlackCell smoke grenade skin

On September 25, Activision unveiled the Season 6 BlackCell, and CharlieIntel noticed: “There are skins for smoke grenades now.”

BlackCell also includes six new tracer weapon blueprints, 10 operator skins, two vehicle skins, 1100 COD Points, and more. However, it’s safe to say community members were far from pleased about the prospect of paying $29.99 for a premium Battle Pass that included a grenade skin.

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A player responded: “COD is running out of ideas now.”

Other community members pointed out that these cosmetic items have already come in COD Mobile. “We’re slowly morphing CoD into CoD Mobile, one grenade skin at a time,” a second commenter added.

While the cosmetic item is certainly unique, players don’t see the need for a skin that will be blocked by the operator’s hand covering it anyway. A third player claimed: “This is the most useless thing ever.”

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It remains to be seen how the grenade will look in-game. But fans will have a better idea once Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 goes live on September 27.

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