Warzone & MW2 Season 6 The Haunting event: Start date, Halloween skins, more

The Haunting 2023 eventActivision

Call of Duty’s Halloween-themed event is back for another year of spooky delights. The Haunting is taking over both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 in a matter of weeks so get ready for some frights.

Like clockwork, CoD’s annual celebration of all things horror is set to take over the franchise once again in 2023. That means all-new Halloween-themed rewards, map takeovers, returning game modes, and a few surprises thrown in.

This time around, it’s Modern Warfare 2’s turn at delivering a fright, while Warzone will still be carrying on the tradition of its many undead modes and gameplay changes.

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So before it all gets underway, be sure to brush up with everything you need to know about The Haunting event in 2023.


The Haunting 2023 gameplayActivision
The Haunting is back for another year across Warzone and MW2.

The Haunting event start date

The Haunting event is set to get underway on Tuesday, October 17 across both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

This October 17 date marks the midpoint of Season 6, thus coinciding with the next major content drop. The festivities are set to run from this halfway point through to the end of the season.

The Haunting event skins and rewards

While we don’t know all too much about the exact Halloween-themed rewards set to be on offer just yet, we do have some early details to go off.

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Given this season is jam-packed with crossovers, that trend continues in The Haunting event with another part of the DOOM collab going live. The DOOM Chainsaw Melee Weapon will be available during this event, letting players rip and tear through hordes of undead.

DOOM chainsaw in CoDActivision
DOOM is just one of many IP crossovers in Season 6.

Beyond that, players can already get their hands on the Zombie Ghost Operator skin to give their friends a fright. But we’ll just have to wait and see what else the devs have in store for this year’s cosmetic items.

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We know to expect daily login rewards throughout The Haunting, so we’ll update you here once specific details have been revealed.

New modes in The Haunting 2023 event

Operation Nightmare is set to give players an all new experience during The Haunting event this year. Taking place in a nighttime version of Al Mazrah, teams have to fight against ‘anomalies’ around the BR map.

Hunting down Most Wanted targets is your key to victory, just be wary of any other demonic creatures nearby.

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If you’re successful, we know for certain a Mastery Weapon Blueprint is up for grabs at the very least, but it appears plenty more rewards will be revealed in time.

Al Mazrah gameplayActivision
Al Mazrah…but at night!

Al Mazrah isn’t having all the fun though, as Zombies are set to takeover Vondel. Be cautious when you drop in and try to solve the source of the undead infestation on this smaller map.

Returning modes in The Haunting 2023 event

Outside of the new additions, a few classics are making a comeback this year as well. The ever-popular Zombie Royale is one such mode entering the spotlight again, though with some new twists to be expected.

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In this fan-favorite playlist, there is no Gulag. Instead, when you’re downed, you turn into a zombie. Your goal from that point on is to try and kill other remaining players while hunting down special syringes to turn human once again.

We can also expect Vondead Lockdown to make an appearance once again, with this more recent arrival serving as a Hardpoint-esque game mode with a BR flavor.

Modern Warfare 2 map reskins & themed modes

Warzone isn’t hogging the entire spotlight though, as Modern Warfare 2 is set to enjoy the spooky celebrations as well with a handful of map and mode takeovers.

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The El Asilo and Embassy maps are set to be given their own Halloween-style makeovers during The Haunting. The former will be Día de Muertos-themed while the latter will soon be in the midst of a Zombie outbreak.

Meanwhile, four game modes will have a slightly different theme throughout as well. Haunting Domination, Haunting Kill Confirmed, Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares, and Haunting Infected all add some slight changes for the flavor of the month.

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CoD MW2 gameplayActivision
Two multiplayer maps are being revamped for this year’s spooky season.

And that’s it for this year’s iteration of The Haunting events across the CoD franchise. Rest assured, plenty more details are sure to rise up from the ground in the weeks to come. We’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest.