Modern Warfare 2 dev responds to ranked bug removing players’ points

modern warfare 2 operator in ranked playActivision

A Modern Warfare 2 dev working on Ranked play has confirmed that they are aware of players being docked to 0 SR in the new Season 2 mode, but that they are working on the issue.

Season 2 was long-awaited by Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 players, four months after the launch of the multiplayer side of the game, bringing with it a new ranked mode, multiplayer maps, and some big weapon balancing changes.

It’s not all been sunshine and rainbows since the update, though, with many players reporting the game crashing, and new glitches being born from the patch.

One of these is the 0 SR bug, which is already causing a lot of frustration for players in Ranked Play, looking to grind their way up to Iridescent and even the Top 250, competing among the pros.

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0 SR bug fix in MW2 ranked

The bug sees players docked points down to a grand total of 0, sat in the lowest rank possible, after backing out of a lobby or resetting the game for example.

While there have been a number of complaints from players, Treyarch developer Lawrence Metten confirmed that it is simply a “visual bug,” and one that they’re going to address “in an upcoming update.”

If you’ve been affected by the bug, Metten says simply playing another game will reset your SR back to where it should be.

It was also confirmed on February 15 that Warzone 2 will be getting its own ranked mode in the future, so it’s definitely possible that similar could happen when that arrives in the battle royale game — if it does, at least you’ll know it’s likely just a visual glitch and not the game docking you all the way to the bottom.

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