Warzone 2 is finally getting a ranked mode

Warzone 2 operator holding dual wield swordsActivision

It has been confirmed that Warzone 2 will be getting a fully-fledged ranked mode at some point in the future, answering the prayers of many long-time players, streamers, and pros.

A ranked mode is almost essential in most modern-day multiplayer games, as players look to progress through the ranks and fight to earn the highest accolades, proving themselves to peers and competitors alike.

While a ranked mode has never been a guarantee in Call of Duty games, much to the chagrin of competitive players, it has been present here and there in multiplayer over the years.

It’s never been in Warzone, however, with players clamoring for it dating back to the game’s launch in March 2020. In fact, many top streamers, such as NICKMERCS, have cited it as a reason for leaving Warzone behind and switching to other titles such as Apex Legends.

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Warzone 2 ranked mode confirmed

Now, though, it’s finally coming, as confirmed in a tweet from official Call of Duty accounts on February 15.

While ranked has already been well-received by MW2 players and those looking to emulate the best Call of Duty League players, the addition of Warzone 2 ranked has been kept well under wraps.

The news was confirmed on the day of the Season 2 update, but the integration of ranked itself isn’t coming in Season 2, with a note simply stating that Ranked Play is coming in “Season 3 and beyond.”

Whether that means it will be coming in Season 3 or further down the line remains to be seen but, for now, this will definitely give players something to look forward to as they attempt to grind toward the upper echelons of competitive Warzone play.

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