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Major Warzone Season 5 leak reveals how ‘The Numbers’ event will work

Published: 10/Aug/2021 0:58

by Brad Norton


A major Warzone leak has revealed details surrounding an upcoming Season 5 event referred to as ‘The Numbers.’ With every voice line now revealed, here’s all there is to know.

With Warzone Season 5 fast approaching, there’s plenty of new content on the way. From map updates to additional weapons and plenty more, the typical seasonal drop is no different from usual. However, this time around there’s also a big event on the horizon.

First teased in the Season 5 blog post, we already knew to expect a unique in-game event during the new season. Details were kept scarce at first, with Raven Software only revealing that Red Doors played a role.


Now, it appears every voice line pertaining to this event has been leaked. From narrative progression to gameplay objectives, here’s everything we know based on leaks for the next Warzone event.

Warzone Red Doors
Players may have to fight for their lives after teleporting through Red Doors in Warzone Season 5.

 ‘The Numbers’ is reportedly the title for the Season 5 event, according to credible CoD leakers who first revealed this season’s artwork. Vikhor Kuzmin, otherwise known by his Operator name ‘Stitch’ is allegedly the character delivering dialogue throughout this new gameplay experience.

Upon opening various Red Doors during the limited-time event, players will be teleported to new areas, rather than the typical loot-filled rooms we know today. It’s in these rooms where new tasks come into play, according to the leaked audio.


“You will not get out of here alive,” Stitch claims in the first file. It appears the event will split players into separate teams. After the Season 5 cinematic, we know some form of mind-control device is in play. This appears to be turning Operators against one another inside the Red Doors.

Warzone Stitch Operator
Stitch appears to be integral with The Numbers event in Warzone Season 5.

“Kill all Operators who get in your way,” Stitch demands of one presumably ‘hacked’ player. Meanwhile, players who keep their heads clear are tasked with “hacking terminals” and “securing stations.”

“Begin the hack,” Stitch yells. “Get into the system. Onto the next terminal, do not delay.”

As players secure these objectives, other Operators appear to be tasked with stopping their progress by any means. This leads to two possible conclusions: If you’re successful, you’ll have secured all terminals and be greeted by this voice line: “You have cracked the code. How?” Stitch asks. “No matter, you are still going to die.”


If you’re one of the mind-controlled Operators instead, you will have prevented these terminals from being hacked. “The new age of Perseus begins,” Stitch explains in this winning condition. “You have made Perseus proud.”

Warzone Red Doors
Upon entering Red Doors, select players could be hit with mind-control technology seen in the Season 5 reveal.

Dozens of additional voice lines touch on many of the same notes with slight differences. There also appears to be a 26-second countdown timer that Stitch goes through as well.

Just under four minutes of audio has been recorded for The Numbers event in total, based on the leaked files. No release date is set for the Season 5 event just yet, but it’s expected to arrive midway through the season.