Warzone Season 5 Red Door event revealed: POIs, start date, more

Warzone red doorsActivision

A mysterious Red Door event is on the way in Warzone Season 5, one that could change the course of the CoD battle royale as we know it. Here’s all the early intel.

When Red Doors were introduced in Warzone Season 4, they served as a rare form of fast travel – providing players with rare loot after teleporting across the map. Now, Red Doors may be setting up the future of Warzone as a whole.

‘Unstable’ Red Doors will soon be appearing around Verdansk as part of a Season 5 event. While details are scarce for the time being, this in-game event could have a significant impact on the entire CoD franchise.

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The 2021 release, tentatively known as Vanguard, is set for a grand reveal inside of Warzone. Could this Red Door event be our first glimpse at the next major CoD title? Here’s everything we know.

Warzone Season 5 Red Door event dates

Warzone red doorsActivision
Red Doors appear to be growing unstable in Warzone.

It’s currently unclear when the Red Door event will go live in Warzone. No exact date has been locked in by the developers, though we do have some intel to work with.

The Season 5 patch notes outlined the Red Door even as a ‘mid-season’ special. This means it’s safe to expect a release in close proximity to the Season 5 Reloaded patch halfway through. 

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Mid-season places the Red Door event in early September. As Reloaded updates drop four weeks into each season, it’s safe to expect the Red Door takeover in the week beginning August 5.

Warzone Season 5 Red Door event locations

Warzone red doorsActivision
Red Doors should still appear in the same spots, though players will be teleported to new locations as part of the event.

There’s currently no telling where this mid-season event will take place. Given Red Doors appear randomly throughout Verdansk, it’s likely the event won’t be tied to a specific Point of Interest.

Instead, traveling through Red Doors in their typical locations will likely transport you to secret areas as part of the event.

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“Beware of these doors sending you to locations other than the main room,” the Season 5 blog post outlined. Exactly where the Red Doors will lead us next, remains a mystery. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here as the Red Door event comes into focus throughout Season 5.

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