JGOD, XclusiveAce, more slam CoD Vanguard for adding bloom: “Does not belong in Call of Duty”

Julian Young
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After players blasted Call of Duty: Vanguard for its “totally random” bloom mechanic, prominent CoD content creators like JGOD and XclusiveAce spoke out against the feature as well.

The Call of Duty community was as hyped as ever for the release of Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games’ latest return to World War II. But, after getting their hands on the game, plenty of players saw it as a step back from the franchise’s previous form.

After release, some eagle-eyed fans realized that Sledgehammer had re-introduced weapon bloom for the first time since the days of CoD: WW2. Once players realized just how much the mechanic was affecting Vanguard’s weapons, many called for it to be removed entirely.

Now, several prominent names in the Call of Duty scene, like YouTubers JGOD and XclusiveAce, have added their voices to those clamoring for bloom to be removed from Vanguard entirely.

Call of Duty Vanguard Character Firing Weapon Final
Vanguard players aren’t happy with Sledgehammer’s bloom mechanic.

JGOD, XclusiveAce blast Vanguard over bloom

On November 14, Warzone aficionado JGOD slammed the addition of bloom on Twitter. “I am all for experimenting with new features, but bloom does not belong in CoD. Never has and never will.”

Plenty of fans tweeted their support for the mechanic’s removal, including one of JGOD’s fellow content creators, XclusiveAce. After already putting out a detailed breakdown of how bloom works in Vanguard, Ace didn’t hold back in his criticisms of the feature.

“I’m personally filled with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when my bullets don’t go where I’m aiming,” he replied sarcastically — a callback to EA’s response when players spoke out against gameplay design in Battlefront II.

One fan asked Ace if bloom was an attempt by Sledgehammer to accurately re-create the feel of older WWII weapons. The content creator quickly shot that idea down: “Even [those] guns are far more accurate that the [bullet] groups we’re seeing in Vanguard.”

Other Call of Duty personalities added their support to JGOD’s comments. Former pro player and popular Warzone streamer Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca simply responded, “+1 accuracy,” a dig at Vanguard’s unclear gunsmith stats.

Even Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, co-owner and CEO of esports org 100 Thieves, pleaded with Sledgehammer to remove the mechanic. “Having an absolute blast on Vanguard, but please remove bloom from this game. It does not belong in Call of Duty.”

JGOD already shared his concerns that Vanguard’s bloom mechanic might make its way over to Warzone, something he worries will “add a randomized factor into an already low skill gap game.”

It remains to be seen if bloom will be added to the BR when its Pacific map launches alongside Vanguard Season 1, but it’s clear that both players and content creators want the mechanic removed from Vanguard, and to never makes its way to Warzone in the first place.

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