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CoD: Vanguard players furious with “unbearable” sound issues

Published: 14/Nov/2021 13:28

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty: Vanguard players have called on developers Sledgehammer Games to iron out some post-launch audio problems, specifically relating to players taking damage from opponents. 

A game of CoD: Vanguard’s size was bound to launch with a few glitches but, as its November 5 launch gets further behind us, players expect to see Sledgehammer gradually iron them out.

Among the more egregious – like Combat Shields simply failing to block bullets and players being able to get their hands on unlimited armor – audio issues might sound (pun intended) someway down the list, but plenty of players have found themselves struggling with this aspect of Vanguard.


Vanguard characters next to logo
Vanguard’s audio is a problem for plenty of players.

Players’ audio issues in Vanguard specifically relate to taking damage from opponents. Firstly, the loud audio cues players are given when they are shot from enemies.

Akin to ‘thuds’ for each bullet taken, they are incredibly loud and can actually obfuscate other in-game sounds.

One Redditor – who explained that they suffer from hearing problems – commented specifically on these audio issues: “When I’m playing Vanguard and sounds are going on in real life, or the game is particularly hectic, hearing incredibly loud “THUNK THUNK THUNK” sounds that are mixed at double the volume of the rest of the game is disorienting and can give me sensory overload, making the game basically unbearable.”


I really wish there was an option to turn down the sound the game makes when you get shot. I have auditory processing issues and it makes it incredibly hard to play sometimes. from CODVanguard

Another problem some shared relates to when players take damage from incendiary items – whether bullets or projectiles. Upon being burned, in-game players shout loudly, to the point of obscuring other game sounds.

One Redditor said: “Whether it’s a Molotov, thermite, or those incendiary bullets, the yelling is so loud for no reason? When there are this many things that can light you on fire I’d love for it to be quieter… It’s so distracting and seemingly lasts way too long.”

Sledgehammer have not yet commented on the game’s audio issues, but they have regularly assured players that they are keen to hear feedback and implement changes where necessary.


For a full list of what they’re working on for CoD: Vanguard, check out their dedicated Trello board.