JGOD suggests new Warzone perks that could be added in Season 5

JGOD and Dead Silence in WarzoneJGOD/Activision

Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD has picked out a few perks that could fit the bill for the two new additions coming to the battle royale at some point, including a counter to Dead Silence.

While Warzone is still incredibly popular with players across the globe, there are a few problems beyond the cheating epidemic that are annoying other fans.

For most, the biggest problem outside of cheating revolves around Dead Silence. The Field Upgrade makes it so you are impossible to hear for a few seconds, meaning you can easily pick up some backstabbing kills on unsuspecting players.

This isn’t how it’s always worked in previous CoD titles, though. As many players will point out, Dead Silence was only intended to make you quieter, but not completely silent. You could be heard at certain steps and with the sound cranked all the way up.

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Dead Silence bug WarzoneTreyarch / Activision
Raven Software have announced they’re nerfing Dead Silence.

Well, the Warzone devs are looking to solve the issue with a buff to High Alert, as well as bringing two “Warzone specific” perks to the battle royale at some point in the future. That’s where JGOD comes in.

The popular Warzone YouTuber picked out a few perks from previous CoD’s that could fit the bill, including Lightweight, Dexterity, Toughness, Awareness, Recon, ICU, Ping, Clandestine, and Escalation.

As he notes, each would have its own unique uses in the battle royale, with Awareness being a possible additional counter to Dead Silence, given how it makes footsteps around you just a little louder.

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The YouTuber also points to, something like ICU could be a way to buff Quick Fix, while Lightweight could be built into Dead Silence if they ever wanted to buff that at some point.

While he, and other players, doubt that Raven will come up with a totally new perk for Warzone, it’s not out of the question. But, as we’ve seen with Warzone over the last year or so, the devs aren’t averse to digging into the franchise’s deep history for answers.