Raven Software working on exclusive Warzone perks as Black Ops split continues

Raven Software is making two exclusive Warzone perks for Call of Duty battle royale.Treyarch

Raven Software is working on two new Warzone-exclusive perks ⁠— and will workshop more for future updates ⁠— in a game-changer for the Call of Duty battle royale as it charts a course beyond Modern Warfare and Black Ops integration in coming seasons.

Warzone’s split into its own Call of Duty title continues.

When the popular battle royale was first released, it was bound to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare remake. The two games played relatively differently ⁠⁠(that would be little surprise to anyone) but balance changes were often made together. That changed in Black Ops Cold War’s integration, but only slightly.

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Another move has now been made to shift Warzone into its own standalone game; starting next season, the battle royale will have its very own perks.

The battle royale devs confirmed the new plans in their title’s Season 4 Reloaded patch notes on July 15: “We are excited to share that we are planning the debut of two new Warzone-specific perks in future updates.”

Raven Software also confirmed they would now be adjusting Warzone perks separately to Call of Duty’s mainline games, to “better balance” the battle royale.

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Infinity WardInfinity Ward
Warzone has carried Modern Warfare’s perks — including Dead Silence — since its release.

This move isn’t a first for the Call of Duty franchise. Warzone’s precursor Blackout ⁠— the short-lived Black Ops 4 battle royale ⁠— actually had exclusive perks you could collect across the map. Many of these never appeared in its mainline game.

That idea was scrapped when originally Warzone was introduced, however; Infinity Ward preferred to keep Modern Warfare “more linked” with its new battle royale.

This decision has been near-universally panned by Warzone players ever since. Due to the nature of battle royale gameplay compared to its multiplayer sister modes, some perks were either totally useless when used in the 100-player arena. Others swung the other way, like Dead Silence, and were ‘must-take.’

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Popular figures like Dr Disrespect and CDL stars Kenny and Attach have all flamed Raven Software over the studio’s Dead Silence stance in the past.

Dr Disrespect and Dead Silence in WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision
Dr Disrespect has been very vocal about Warzone perks in recent seasons.

Raven has yet to officially unveil Warzone’s exclusive perks. The devs did confirm, however, they would be making major changes to one perk ⁠— “High Alert” ⁠— alongside their arrival. The oft-forgotten defensive upgrade will be getting Season 5 buffs to counter the infamous Dead Silence perk.

As Dexerto understands, Raven will be running these new Warzone perks through a series of tests before they hit the battle royale’s live servers.

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