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Weird Warzone bug makes Heartbeat Sensor completely unusable

Published: 1/Aug/2021 10:59

by Joe Craven


Another strange Warzone glitch has emerged in Season 4, this time preventing players with Heartbeat Sensors from taking them out and using them at all. 

Warzone’s incredible popularity has been marred somewhat by the game’s struggles with cheaters and invasive bugs and glitches. Although some of the bugs have been solved – like the infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ – it seems that we’re never too far away from another.

Season 4 has already seen major problems with Dev Error 5573, Verdansk’s Red Doors, and much more.

Another appears to have surfaced though, relating to Warzone’s incredibly powerful Heartbeat Sensors.

Infinity Ward
The Heartbeat Sensor has been controversial in Warzone because of its strength.

The equipment has been questionable in Warzone because of its power in detecting any and all nearby enemies, with some even calling for a nerf.


We’re not sure this is what players had in mind though, with a Warzone player completely unable to use his equipment in-game.

Redditor ‘imwjd‘ shared their struggles, with the item glitching mid-game and not allowing them to pull it out in any capacity.

Even swapping the Heartbeat Sensor out for a nearby Spotter Scope failed to solve the issue, with the glitch persisting and the player’s character reaching for a pocket and pulling out nothing.

There is not yet a viable explanation for the glitch, and Raven have not yet responded to the problems publicly or on their dedicated Warzone Trello board.


It appears to happen randomly, and some on social media suggested they had had similar experiences with other equipment in Warzone.

One player jokingly commented: “At least it’s better than the bug where bringing the heartbeat sensor up would kill you.” They’re not wrong, but it’s still immensely frustrating.