JGOD reveals simple trick to get cash fast in Warzone 2

YouTube: JGOD

Earning cash to buy back your teammates or loadout weapons in Warzone 2 is challenging, but JGOD revealed a simple solution.

Warzone 2 introduced a new buy station and loadout system, which removes the ability to purchase loadout drops from buy stations. Instead, a random drop event and completing strongholds offer full loadouts.

Buy stations don’t offer loadout drops, but they do offer customized loadout weapons for $5,000 each. And buying a teammate back costs $4,000 per squad member, which adds up fast. Warzone 2 players have complained it’s too difficult to buy back teammates because of the limited ground loot cash.

Some exploits and guides emerged, helping players earn money fast, but attempting to buy everything you want with such limited resources is still frustrating. Fortuntaley, with the help of a Warzone 2 community member, JGOD revealed a quick and easy way to earn money in Al Mazrah.

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You can no longer purchase loadout drops from buy stations, but loadout weapons are available.

JGOD reveals quick money-making method in Warzone 2

In JGOD’s latest YouTube video, he mentioned looting cash registers and completing Safecracker contracts but argued looting underground storage caches is the best way to make money in Warzone 2.

Underground caches are black disk-like crates found around the map. JGOD looted 15 and concluded that most caches drop between $2,000 and $3,500, one primary weapon, a three-plate sachel, lethal or tactical grenades, and a scorestreak.

Warzone content creator Nianfo, shared an image of underground storage cache locations. They were not able to find every single location, but more than enough for good places to either land or regain after coming back from the Gulag.

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JGOD landed in the bottom right of Al Mazrah by Airport and looted underground caches on the airstrip. In 90 seconds, he earned enough money to buy two loadout weapons.

If you need a way to earn money in Warzone 2 fast, try this method yourself.