JGOD responds to Warzone cheating & Cronus Zen accusations

JGOD cheating accusationYouTube: JGOD/Activision

Warzone YouTuber JGOD has laughed off accusations of cheating and using a Cronus Zen, poking fun at one of his accusers on Twitter.

While Warzone is an immensely popular battle royale in the shooter genre, there’s one huge issue that’s damaging the game’s reputation and that’s cheaters.

As players run into hackers almost every other game, it’s led the entire community to become extremely suspicious of pro players and YouTubers alike.

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This has led to countless accusations against huge names in the scene, from ZLaner to Swagg and now, even JGOD.

After seeing the accusation in his comment section, the Warzone guru decided to address his accuser with a jokey response on Twitter.

JGOD Cheating accusationActivision
Raven Software has promised an anti-cheat is coming with Warzone’s Vanguard integration.

JGOD laughs off Warzone Cronus Zen accusations

Taking to Twitter on October 4, JGOD shared a set of comments from a viewer, accusing him of cheating and using a Cronus Zen.

According to the accuser, JGOD’s movement is blatantly suspicious, and his constant slide cancels is a direct indication that he’s using an external device to gain an advantage over other players.

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Not only that, he claims JGOD regularly uses semi-automatic weapons and somehow has a full auto fire rate.

Instead of getting frustrated or angry at the accusations, the Warzone YouTuber decided to poke fun at the contradictions between both of the accuser’s comments.

Due to the abundance of cheaters in casual matches, accusations against Warzone personalities are at an all-time high. There are even dedicated YouTube channels that break down every frame of pro players’ gameplay.

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As a result, instead of getting angry, it’s obvious JGOD isn’t taking the accusations seriously and is looking at the funny side of it.

Until Warzone gets the anti-cheat that was announced alongside Vanguard, it seems as if the fingers are going to be continuously pointed at streamers and YouTubers.

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