FaZe Swagg addresses Warzone cheating claims again: “This is crazy”

Warzone Swagg cheating accusationsActivision / YouTube: Swagg

As one of the biggest names in Warzone today, FaZe Swagg is constantly under a microscope but the popular streamer has finally looked to silence cheating accusations once and for all.

Warzone superstars are always coming under scrutiny for their gameplay. With thousands watching day in and day out, the occasional moment of sharp aim or big-brain movement can often raise some eyebrows among casual viewers.

From DiazBiffle to ZLaner, no one is safe when cheating accusations are thrown around. Despite having NICKMERCS back him up in recent months, it was just Swagg’s turn to address such accusations once again.

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With speculation piling up, the mega-popular FaZe Clan member finally addressed cheating claims in a dedicated YouTube video.

“I just want to say that I am not cheating,” Swagg said, clear as day, in his latest YouTube upload.

Despite the constant influx of “TikToks and YouTube videos saying that [he’s] cheating,” Swagg was quick to shut everything down once again. From wall-hacks to aimbots and everything in between, Swagg assured he’s never been the type to gain an unfair advantage in Warzone.

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Specifically, many in the community have even “called out” that Swagg uses a ‘Cronus.’ While he may be a “goofball,” he denied such accusations without a second thought.

“I have almost 110 days played on Warzone,” he stressed. “It’s crazy that people can’t grasp that… you can’t be good enough. I’m here to say that I’m not cheating.”

Not only was Swagg adamant against the cheating claims, but he even jokingly admitted he doesn’t view himself as “the best player.” Although he’s among the Top 10 highest Warzone earners, Swagg doesn’t see himself among the competitive greats.

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Perhaps with this admission, cheating accusations will finally calm down. Especially with Vanguard’s anticheat drawing close, these claims should be put to bed once and for all in the very near future.

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