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JGOD explains why he won’t ditch Warzone for Apex Legends like other fans

Published: 7/Aug/2021 10:51

by Joe Craven


Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD has explained why he’ll be sticking with the Call of Duty battle royale, rather than making the switch to Apex Legends like a number of other prominent content creators. 

Warzone’s popularity has been tempered in some respects by its struggles with hackers and glitches. It has even led to a number of content creators branding Warzone ‘unplayable’, and dropping it in favor of Apex Legends – Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale.

We’ve seen CouRage, TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and more make the transition to Apex Legends, praising the game for its vibrancy and energy as they seek to escape Warzone’s hacking epidemic.


However, in a number of tweets from August 6, Warzone YouTuber JGOD explained why he won’t be joining them in making the move.

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The discussion started when an Apex player asked for recommendations over the best data-driven YouTuber for Respawn’s BR. While JGOD’s content is fairly diverse, he always seeks to use data and statistics to substantiate his videos.

However, the YouTuber stated that he has no desire to drop into Apex, even calling it a “looting simulator” when asked if he’d switch.

“Zero interest in that game. It’s a looting simulator,” he tweeted. The major looting difference between Apex and Warzone is the cash system, allowing players to get their own loadouts and go from there, rather than relying on RNG.


He stated that RNG is why he never liked BRs before Warzone came along, and said that Warzone’s hacking problems are not intentional, as opposed to Apex’s reliance on looting.

His comments won’t wash with many fans of Apex Legends, who view looting as a key aspect of Respawn’s battle royale.

It’s true, though, that Warzone’s loadout drop and currency system puts more control in the hands of players, something JGOD enjoys and feels benefits the CoD spin-off.

If only they can get a handle on the hacking situation as well.