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Cocky Warzone player loses game with embarrassing Cluster Strike blunder

Published: 8/Aug/2021 19:52

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Warzone has many features and ways to win a game. Players can fight back from the Gulag, get loadouts, and even buy killstreaks to aid them in their path to victory. One player however was a bit too confident, and his Cluster Strike made him pay big time. 

Warzone has many features integrated from Call of Duty such as weapons, vehicles and killstreaks. These can be found through ground loot, purchased from buy stations or taken off corpses of the fallen.

Players are using anything they can to pick up wins and sometimes as the gas starts to move in things can get a little spicy in Verdansk.


Warzone has many teachable moments that players can learn from to improve their game play. This one reminds us never to start celebrating a win before it actually happens.

Cluster Strike
Players can call in a Cluster Strike to rain down on a marked location.

Too much confidence results in a Warzone loss

Warzone players love grinding out wins so they can brag to their friends with how many they have and be the best.

The clip below posted by ‘villabrus’ shows them in a 1v1 to win the game. Unfortunately, for the player the circle is not in their favor and the enemy calls in a cluster strike. This is where the fun begins and you see one of the craziest endings ever.


I think you can call this a clusterf*** from CODWarzone

As seen in the clip the player is downed by the killstreak but luckily they still have a self-revive kit so it does not instantly kill them. The opponent thinks they have it in the bag and goes for the execute to finish off the win.

Before they can finish the execution the cluster rains down some friendly fire and takes them out leading to the downed person winning the game. This is why you never celebrate early because nothing is ever guaranteed.

Certainly this is one of the wackiest ways to win a game of Warzone and this reminds everyone to never be cocky.