Iron Trials ’84 returns to Warzone with major changes for Season 6


Warzone is bringing back Iron Trials ‘84 one of the community’s favorite LTM. While this mode will just be around for a couple of days, there are some big changes for it in Season 6 as the mode is now Quads.

In Iron Trials, players have more health, which means that all the TTKs in the game are a lot higher than the normal BR.

When this mode came in Season 5, players were in love with it as it is a great competitive mode and want it to stick around permanently.

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With the launch of Season 6, Raven Software are bringing Iron Trials back but this time in a Quads format and specific rules.

warzone iron trialsActivision
Iron Trials is back but this time featuring a Quads playlist.

Warzone Iron Trials ‘84 returns with Quads

Iron Trials is now available for all players to access starting October 8, at 10 AM PST. This is a “weekend-exclusive playlist” that will remain live until October 11, at 10 AM PST.

While the mode is active, it will feature a Quads format, meaning players can team up with three more people to take on the challenge. Since there will be more people in gunfights at a time, there are some specific changes coming.

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iron trials superstore warzoneActivision
Iron Trials has different rules for the Quads mode, making health regen a big thing.

Here is a list of all the changes that are coming to Quads:

  • Buy Station
    • Specialist Token has been removed.
  • Equipment
    • Medical Syringe now heals 25% faster.
  • Gulag
    • Loadouts have been updated.
    • Loadout primary Weapon Attachments increased from 2 to 3.
  • Loot
    • Specialist Token now drops on death.
    • Classified Weapons have been updated.
    • Foresight has been added as an exceedingly rare drop.
  • Player
    • Base health regen speed has been increased.
  • Vehicles
    • Tac Rovers have been enabled.
  • Weapons
    • Sniper Rifle headshot down distance increased to 50 meters.
    • Sniper Rifle headshot damage beyond 50 meters has been increased from 300 to 325.

The biggest change comes with the Medical Syringe as it now heals 25% faster, making this extremely valuable in a loadout. Another big change comes with the addition of Specialist Tokens dropping on death, giving players are incentive to take fights.

Iron Trials ’84 is back in Season 6 in a “weekend-exclusive” playlist.

Despite these changes, player’s health remains the same and there is still no Dead Silence or Stopping Power. All of these changes are certain to impact the way Iron Trials plays.

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While it is just around for the short weekend, this could be Raven Software’s way of testing different formats before bringing the mode back permanently.