RAAL LMG disappears from Warzone and no one knows why

. 9 months ago
RAAL LMG pointing to the sky in Warzone
Raven Software

CoD Warzone players have noticed that the RAAL LMG has disappeared from the game’s menu, but if you have a loadout set up, you can still use it. 

The arsenal of weapons in Warzone continues to get bigger and bigger with each update, with Raven Software adding at least one new weapon with each season. 

In total, with Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, there are over 100 weapons in Warzone, and fans have suggested that Raven start trimming the fat, especially as they move to integrate CoD: Vanguard in the next few months and start adding more weapons with that game. 

The devs have stated previously that they’ve got no plans to start removing weapons for Warzone, but, players have noticed that the RAAL LMG has disappeared into thin air and haven’t got an explanation as to why. 

How to unlock RAAL MG
The RAAL LMG came to Warzone through Modern Warfare.

The powerful LMG disappeared in the late hours of October 7, with players noticing that it no longer appears in the battle royale’s gunsmith menu – even if you have a blueprint. 

Players quickly moved to quiz the game developers and content creators to see if they had any idea. Though, responses were mixed. Some suggested that it was because the weapon was glitching out, while others said that the menu was glitched, not the menu. 

“Anyone notice the RAAL LMG is missing now? That money spent I guess they decided we didn’t need (it) lol,” said one. “Literally just got the RAAL LMG obsidian this past week, please bring it back,” added another. 

In a further strange twist, players noted that if you have a loadout set up for the RAAL, it can still be used in-game – you don’t locked out from picking it or anything like that.

While other weapons haven’t gone missing, players have reported that there are times when using the gunsmith menu where the game will kick you out – either going back to the main menu or crashing altogether. 

It remains to be seen when these issues will be fixed, and just when the RAAL will return.

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