HusKerrs & Newbz win BoomTV Code Red $20k Warzone tournament

code red warzone tournamentBoomTV

BoomTV brought the best Warzone duos together once again on October 6 for another round of Code Red action. While it came down to the grand finals, after 13 hours of competition, the event is still yet to conclude.

  • Newbz & HusKerrs beat JoeWo & Stukawaki in the finals.
  • 32 duos dropped into the 2v2 kill-race.
  • $20,000 prize pool was up for grabs.

After weeks of custom lobby tournaments in Warzone, BoomTV answered the requests of many top competitors. Kill-races returned with a bang as another Code Red event dropped Warzone’s finest into Verdansk with a purpose.

Here’s how the $20,000 tournament unfolded over the course of October 6.

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BoomTV Code Red $20k event: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Duo Prize
1st Newbz & HusKerrs $10,000
2nd JoeWo & Stukawaki $6,000
3rd Jukeyz & Fifakill $4,000
4th Rated & Aydan
Top 6 itzwarsz & Lenun
Bloo & zepti_
Top 8 SuperEvan & DiazBiffle
Mayappo & mrdaft

BoomTV Code Red $20k event: Results & Recap

With 32 of Warzone’s most talented Duos dropping into Verdansk at the same time, lobbies were absolutely stacked. Right from the beginning, it was all about pushing the pace as the likes of Jukeyz & fifakill, HusKerrs & newbz, and EU duo itzwarsz & Lenun all coming out with quick wins.

On the opposite side of the equation, big names like Swagg & Booya and DrDisrespect & ZLaner were all wiped out in the very first round of the lower bracket.

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The final few showdowns were extremely close but ultimately, it was Newbz & HusKerrs that cruised to the grand finals against JoeWo & Stukuwaki, winning it all despite their Loser’s Bracket disadvantage.

With the Season 6 update crashing through in the middle of their series, a winner was finally crowned after 14 hours of competition.

BoomTV Code Red $20k event: Stream & Schedule

The tournament was available on the official BoomTV Twitch channel embedded above, as well as on each competitor’s individual channels.

The tournament kicked off at 10 AM PT (1 PM PT/6 PM GMT) on Wednesday, October 6 and lasted 14 hour, finally finishing at around 12 AM PT.

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BoomTV Code Red $20k event: Format

The tournament featured 32 duos in straight-up 2v2 kill races. The premise was simple: two duos hop into a quads match together and whoever gets the most kills wins.

Here’s how the bracket played out:

  • ​​Winner’s Bracket
    • Round 1 was BO1
    • Round 2 was BO3
    • Round 3 was BO3
    • Round 4 was BO3
    • Winner’s Final was BO3
    • Grand Final was BO5 with Winner’s Bracket Duo starting 1-0
  • Loser’s Bracket (Gulag)
    • Round 1 – Round 7 was BO1
    • Gulag Finals was BO3

BoomTV Code Red $20k event: Teams

These are the teams that dropped into BoomTV’s latest Warzone event. From popular streamers to veteran competitors, plenty of big names joined the action.

SuperEvan & DiazBiffle Rated & Aydan JoeWo & Stukuwaki Swagg & Booya
KenzRosey & zJelly FaZe Bloo & Zepti BobbyPoff & BabyDillster Tommey & Almxnd
ImAngelikaa & Fuzzn SamLovely & AfricanTV Brittney & Skullface49 Crowder & Priestahh
Braalik & Exzachtt Intechs & zColorss Smixie & Xenon Jukeyz & Fifakill
UnRational & ScummN JessieCooks & ForeignJase JaredFPS & JDeviseFB SenseiSwishem & QueenShadows
Warsz & Lenun IceManIsaac & BBreadman HusKerrs & Newbz TestyFPS & Estanaut
Flxnked & zSmit ZLaner & Dr Disrespect ntshay & Ahtract MrDaft & Mayappo
Pieman & Pork MuTeX & Destroy iLLeY & Mohakk MethodzSick & DagaT1

Be sure to look ahead at every major Warzone event this month with our tournament calendar.

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