How to use Warzone NVIDIA graphics filters to improve settings

Warzone Season 3 NVIDIA Filters With Logos ShadowedActivision / NVIDIA

Alongside the addition of NVIDIA DLSS into Warzone, there are even more benefits PC players with an NVIDIA GPU (graphics card) can unlock. Here’s how to use the new filters to gain an edge over your opponents in Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island.

Warzone Season 3 kicked off with a bang (literally), and provided players with a plethora of content to enjoy until Season 4 arrives. Outside of new gameplay changes, the season also introduced a highly anticipated feature for players with an NVIDIA graphics card: DLSS.

DLSS is a proprietary feature of NVIDIA GPUs that provides a host of benefits when gaming, most importantly for your framerate. However, players have also discovered several ways to customize their NVIDIA settings outside of DLSS and gain an even more competitive advantage.

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Here’s everything you need to know about these features, the best ways to use them, and how to make sure you never fall victim to another Roze skin again.

JGOD YouTube NVIDIA Filters VideoYouTube / JGOD
Many content creators and pro players are now utilizing NVIDIA filters to boost their visuals in Warzone.

How to access NVIDIA filters in Warzone

Before accessing the filters, you’ll need to make sure NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience program and the latest graphics drivers are installed on your PC. You can then launch Warzone and open the NVIDIA in-game overlay by pressing the default hotkeys, Alt + Z.

Once the overlay is visible, select the Game Filter option at the bottom of the left-hand panel. This will open up a separate menu on your screen, where you can create three different “styles” (profiles) and customize each to your liking via an extensive list of options.

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You’ll be able to customize all of the overlay’s options differently within each of the three profiles. This means you can create three separate options — such as a general baseline profile, one for Verdansk, and one for Rebirth Island — and easily switch between them as needed.

Best NVIDIA filter settings for Warzone

How you customize your settings will largely depend on personal preference. However, there are some general changes that can be extremely helpful, like increasing the game’s brightness to improve visibility and make sure you can spot enemies more easily in the dark parts of each map.

While you’ll need to play around with the customization options to find your perfect settings, there are some helpful guides from Warzone content creators making the rounds on YouTube that can come in handy — like the one made by popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD.

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(Segment begins at 5:47 for mobile users)

In his video, JGOD breaks down his own personal preferences but also reveals several options that all players should change, and demonstrates how certain areas like staircases and dark corners turn into black holes when settings like brightness and contrast aren’t turned up in the overlay options.

He also reveals that tweaking more specific settings like Sharpen, Clarify, HDR Toning and Bloom — many of which sound like filters you might find on Instagram instead of your gaming PC — can alter your visual experience remarkably.

While utilizing these extra settings isn’t necessarily required to enjoy your time in Warzone, if you have an NVIDIA graphics card and aren’t using these options to their fullest you’ll be at a severe disadvantage when facing off against players who’ve mastered these graphical tricks.

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