How to use armor plates while running in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 armor platesActivison

Running while using armor plates is missing from Warzone 2 and it’s causing a lot of frustration for players but luckily, a workaround has been found already.

In the original Warzone, running while using plates was a standard feature that allowed competitors to reset their armor while repositioning in a skirmish.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Warzone 2, and the community is confused why the developers have decided to remove it from the sequel.

The slower movement while plating can leave you exposed on Al Mazrah, especially when you’ve just taken down a foe at close-range.

Luckily, a Warzone 2 player has already found a solution and it’s still possible to plate up while running in Warzone 2 if you follow a set of simple steps.

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Warzone 2 armor platesActivison
Plating while sprinting allows you to outplay your opponents during intense skirmishes.

How to run while plating in Warzone 2

As showcased by Twitter user nahvitron, it’s possible to equip armor plates while running in Warzone 2 and luckily, the technique isn’t particularly hard to execute.

Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be efficiently plating in no time:

  1. Ensure you have armor plates to equip
  2. Start running forward and jumping while putting on your plates
  3. During the second plate, your operator will start running at high speed

As you can see the mechanic is extremely easy to use and will definitely be useful on the battlefield. Keep in mind, the increase in speed will not kick in as soon as you start jumping, so this trick will not work if you only have one plate missing.

If you’re looking for a demonstration, check out nahvitron’s Twitter post below.

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Once you’ve learned this technique you can start using it in your matches to outplay your foes. It’s extremely powerful just after you’ve downed an enemy and you want to escape to cover before taking on another skirmish.

Now, you’re equipped with this mechanic, it’s guaranteed to help you protect yourself better in intense gunfights, and it may even help you earn a clutch victory on Al Mazrah.

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