How to get Sledgehammer melee weapon in MW3 & Warzone

Jeremy Gan
Modern Warfare 3 character holding Sledgehammer

Season 4 of MW3 and Warzone is fast approaching, bringing plenty of new stuff including new Zombies content, maps, and four brand-new weapons. 

The Kar98k, Superi 46, and Reclaimer 18 are among the new guns, with the devs perhaps popping in a little self-reference for themselves, adding in a new melee weapon called the Sledgehammer. 

So here is everything you need to know about the Sledgehammer in MW3 and Warzone. 

How to get the Sledgehammer in MW3 and Warzone? 

As the Sledgehammer is coming in Season 4 Reloaded, which is expected around June 26, the devs have yet to reveal how it will be unlocked. However, we will update you here when we know. 

Despite not knowing for sure, generally, weapons coming in the mid-season update are obtainable either as an Armory Unlock that requires a few completed Daily Challenges or a Weekly Challenge. 

So do expect some level of grinding when the Sledgehammer eventually makes its way into the servers.

Unlike some of MW3 and Warzone’s newer melee weapons that focus on speed, the Sledgehammer as you can imagine is very much focused around the sheer brute force that a Sledgehammer can deal. 

“This bludgeoning behemoth isn’t designed for driving nails into wood, with a 20-pound head forged from carbon steel, beveled so the weapon doesn’t chip when striking, this monster of a melee weapon can inflict massive blunt force damage quickly,” the devs write in the Season 4 blog

So that’s all we know about the Sledgehammer in MW3 and Warzone, as Season 4 Reloaded eventually comes into view, we will update you here on how to get it. 

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