How to get a V2 Rocket in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Theo Salaun

Call of Duty players have always loved the reward of a tactical nuke and Vanguard’s community is no exception. If you want Call of Duty: Vanguard’s V2 Rocket (aka the nuke killstreak), here’s how to get one.

Getting a nuke in CoD is no small feat. It’s always been the height of killstreaks and scorestreak achievements since it ends the entire game early with a literal bang.

The gold standard of killstreaks, the Tactical Nuke, is back in Vanguard as the V2 Rocket. When you get it, it’s one explosive celebration and one hell of a notch to put on any grinder’s belt.

Securing a V2 Rocket is by no means easy, but it’s actually not that complicated. Here’s how you can get your very own game-ending nuke in CoD’s 2021 title.

How to get Call of Duty: Vanguard’s nuke killstreak: the V2 Rocket

call of duty vanguard v2 rocket
The V2 Rocket is the most coveted of Vanguard’s killstreaks.

Since Vanguard is a killstreak title, streaks work closer to Modern Warfare 2019 than Black Ops Cold War. And the way to get a V2 Rocket is simple: Secure 25 kills.

Making life even easier, you don’t even need to have the V2 Rocket equipped as a killstreak to use it. Likely understanding how tall a task 25 consecutive kills without dying is, the game immediately awards a V2 to anyone who hits that mark.

Best and fastest ways to get the V2 Rocket in Vanguard

If you want the V2 Rocket as fast as possible, the Combat Shotgun appears to be your best bet. ‘Crakrz’ was able to get a nuke in just 39 seconds using the monstrous weapon and flying around the map with unlimited confidence.

But going for speed is tough with such a high killstreak. A random wallbang or grenade toss can ruin all of your efforts. If you want the most effective way to get one, then you should use a ranged option like the STG 44.

With a quality STG loadout, you can play patiently and hold lanes down to rack up kills without letting enemies get too close. While this is somewhat boring, it gives you the best chance at hitting 25 straight kills without dying to a random rogue enemy.

Of course, if you’re a demon like OpTic Texas’s Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell, you can still use the STG to get a V2 in just two minutes

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